Sell on Facebook

Sell Directly to your Audience on Facebook

Reach over 400 million people for free with Pinnacle Cart eCommerce PLUS

Facebook Store

Highlights Include

  • Create “Shop” tab on your Facebook page
  • Display all or selected products in your Facebook storefront
  • Visitors can share your products on their Facebook pages
  • Allow customers to sort by category or price
  • Easy set up, add products to your page instantly
  • Spring Cleaning!

  • Automatically synchronizes with your existing Pinnacle Cart
    storefront to manage inventory

Setting Up Pinnacle Cart E-Commerce Plus

  • Sign up for a Pinnacle Cart account. Also make sure you have an account on Facebook.
  • Create a page on Facebook and go to the Pinnacle Cart E-Commerce Plus application page on Facebook
  • Add the E-Commerce PLUS application to your Facebook page and complete the Store Configuration page found within the E-Commerce PLUS application.
  • If you want to manage which products appear, simply create a product group from your Pinnacle control panel and select that group on the Store Configuration page witin E-Commerce Plus

We’ve also created a video detailing the steps to set up your Facebook store.

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Over 500 million users

With Pinnacle Cart E-Commerce PLUS you can now sell your items on the popular social networking site With over 500 million users, Facebook is one of the most visited sites on the web. E-Commerce PLUS gives you the ability to generate additional sales by allowing visitors to both purchase and “share” your products directly from your Facebook page.

Creating a “Shop” tab on your Facebook page allows you to better connect with your customer base and generate a buzz for your products. This application is FREE for all current Pinnacle Cart customers.


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