Useful Resources

  • Google Webmaster Tools Helps you and/or your webmaster monitor your website and identify problems with google.
  • Bing Webmaster Tools Helps you and/or your webmaster monitor your website and identify problems with bing.
  • Google Analytics Allows you to track web traffic and segment your data in useful ways to help you optimize for sales, traffic and conversions.
  • Mailchimp is one of the best most user friendly white-list bulk email senders. Use Mailchimp to build a list of email contacts and send out promotions/coupons/more.
  • Constant Contact is a white-listed bulk email sender allowing you to stay in contact with customers, build email templates and more.
  • Commission Junction can help you monetize or advertise your website using affiliate traffic.
  • Paypal is a preferred payment gateway by users. Statistics show that allowing sales via paypal can help improve sales volume in ecommerce.
  • Google Checkout is Google’s checkout portal.
  • WebGility allows you to simplify and automate many processes in ecommerce.
  • Google Shopping is Google’s shopping engine, where users can sort and compare eCommerce web stores by price, shipping and more. Submit your product feed here.
  • Shop Mania is a shopping engine where you can submit your eCommerce product feed.
  • Quickbooks is the standard in accounting software. Intuit offers additional services specific to online commerce.
  • xTuple is the free and open-source alternative to Quickbooks. If you’re on a budget or just love open source, xTuple is worth looking into.
  • vTiger CRM is an open source CRM solution.
  • Sugar CRM is an open source CRM solution similar to Salesforce.
  • Doba Wholesale is a provider of drop shippers, light bulk, bulk wholesale distributors and other means of wholesale.
  • Worldwide Brands provides a huge directory of wholesalers, drop shippers, bulk wholesalers and many different useful resources for eCommerce businesses.
  • Review Squirrel helps you find the right ecommerce software to power your online store.
  • Accountex is a growing independent global community of accounting professionals, featuring an annual accounting technology conference & expo and an award-winning blog, the Accountex Report.
  • HostingAdvice provides comprehensive reviews of hosting providers and site-building platforms, in-depth how-to guides from programming and web experts, and featured coverage of the web hosting industry.
  • Pandia provides in-depth reviews and information about various small business products including cloud software such as eCommerce software or Accounting software, business services as well as desktop apps.

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