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Add PayPal as a payment option to your checkout and improve sales

PinnacleCart supports all PayPal Payment Gateways

Why use PayPal?

Up to 5.3% incremental new buyers**

Up to 44% Higher checkout conversion with PayPal**

Up to 83% of PayPal shoppers are new to the business*

PayPal Website Payments Standard

Paypal makes life better for over 192 million active buyers around the world. Activate PayPal and turn your website into a global online store

  • Streamlined checkout
    Start selling without the hassle. PayPal handles the complete checkout experience and then returns the customers to your site for more shopping.
  • Optimized for mobile
    Customers using smartphones can complete the purchase in three clicks with PayPal – no integration required.
  • No merchant account needed
    Accept credit cards directly on your website, as if you have a merchant account. You don't need separate merchant and gateway accounts.

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PayPal Website Payments Pro

PayPal Website Payments Pro is the all-in-one way to accept credit cards directly on your website. You'll get features that are comparable to merchant accounts and gateways - only through a single provider, at a lower cost. You can also accept orders via phone, fax, and mail.

As always, PayPal helps keep your business safe with industry-leading fraud protection, but now you can control your level of risk – allowing only the types of transactions you prefer. The pricing is simple and affordable. Process major credit cards for one low rate. If you process more than $10,000 per month, you qualify for our best rate: only 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction, with a low monthly fee of $30.

  • Easy Setup
    PayPal Pro seamlessly integrates with PinnacleCart. Simply enter your account information and upload the certificate provided by PayPal. Voila! You can start accepting payments immediately.
  • Customers Stay On Your Site
    Just like with a traditional gateway, PayPal Pro doesn't require the customer to leave your site.

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Pay with PayPal

PayPal Express Checkout

Accept credit cart payments without requiring a PayPal account.

  • Increase conversions
    PayPal customers transact nearly twice as frequently as non-PayPal customers.
  • Faster Checkout
    Customers can skip entering their financial information, shipping addresses, and/or contact details every time they pay.
  • Grow your customer base
    Recent testing at major retailers showed that after PayPal was integrated, overall customers increased by 29%.

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Be Secure

Get PayPal's Industry Leading security fraud-prevention systems.

Learn how to setup PayPal Express Checkout
Learn how to setup other payment methods

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*As reported in Nielsen's Online Buyer Insights, which measured online & mobile purchasing behavior 52 weeks pre-/post-PayPal integration to calculate lift in net new customers who completed a purchase using PayPal. Weighted average results across a group of 15 small- and medium-sized merchants; findings are based on actual transactions, measured among ~39MM US Zip11 Households. Study completed January 2016.

**As reported in Nielsen's Online Panel research for activity occurring from July – November 2015, which compared PayPal transactions to non-PayPal transactions on sites that offer PayPal as a payment option. Nielsen measured 125,000 households' online behavior across 10 SMB merchants. Copyright 2016 Nielsen.

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