More shipping options means higher customer satisfaction

We recommend using multiple shipping options to provide your customers with a myriad of options.

Get real-time quotes from the leading shipping companies, create your own custom methods or dropship products from your vendors. PinnacleCart gives you the advanced logistical tools you need to create an unparalleled purchasing experience.

Shipping quotes help guide customers to the finish line

Enable Shipping Quotes and let customer estimate their shipping costs before they checkout. By allowing them to estimate their costs and make adjustments before they reach the payment page, you’ll reduce shipping price “Sticker Shock” and convert a higher percentage of customers as they traverse through the checkout process.

Works with and

High-volume merchants can save themselves time and money by using either of our major shipping integrators. Both tools allow you to easily purchase postage, print labels, schedule pickups, and much more.

Create your own “Same Day Delivery” network

Exclusive to PinnacleCart, you can set up your own delivery method and set prices to have items delivered to local customers. Our zip code delivery zone feature allows you to set delivery prices based on your customer’s distance from the store.

Close more sales by offering free shipping

One proven method to decrease cart abandonment rates is to offer free shipping to your customers. Create storewide or product specific discounts or create a promotional code to be redeemed at checkout. Regardless of what the most effective method is for your business, PinnacleCart supports it.

Other shipping features include

  • Multiple shipping methods can be set up at once to offer different options to users on checkout
  • Ability to define flat-rate shipping costs per product
  • Ability to set up free shipping based on number of items in order, order weight, order subtotal, or by use of promo code
  • Ability to control available shipping methods by country/state/province
  • Ability to disable shipping all together
  • Ability to set up and control handling fees
  • Ability to control if shipping is taxable
  • ‘Shipping Quote’ feature gives customers a shipping estimate prior to checkout


  • Real-time or flat-rate tax options available
  • Supports VAT tax
  • Flat-rate tax options allow for admin to set up tax rates by State/Province
  • Admin has control over which flat-rate tax rates/classes apply to which products
  • Real-time tax calculation is available through integrations with Avalara or Exactor. This allows for destination-based tax calculation, all fully automated and itemized
  • Admin has option to label certain customers tax exempt

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