Effective E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is the means for you to maintain a dialogue with your customers regarding your products or services. But remember there should always be a good reason to send an email if you expect results.

An effective email campaign need not involve sending emails nor is it just a marketing gimmick. Businesses have been known to generate half a million dollars of new business in a single month thanks to it.

Email Marketing serves the fundamentals of Business

Email marketing can be divided into three main phases, the Perception, Persuasion and Permanence. Perception phase is when you begin to make your customers and other people familiar with your name and the offerings you provide, through email.

The Persuasion Phase is where your prospects and customers become familiar with your name with some idea of your products that interest them. However direct contact is missing which email can take care of. With emails from you to raise awareness about your products, it also becomes easy for them to contact you for more information.

The final phase of Permanence takes over once a new prospect has become your customer. The most productive stage of marketing, it involves maintaining a relationship to keep them coming back for more.

How to use Email as effective management tool

Knowing when to use email is all-important. Major change of guard at your end would call for conveying the changes to customers. But always remember that email should never be a substitution for personal interaction.

After all this, you should also devise ways of finding out the experiences of your customers with your emails, while also being able to achieve other necessities like getting more email addresses. The final step in effective emailing involves learning ways to use emails to get results you desire.

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