Cart Training Services

Cart Training Services

While it’s true that Pinnacle cart is the most easy to use and intuitive shopping cart application on the market today, we understand that some of our clients still prefer a little “hand holding” when it comes to getting started. With this in mind, we’re offering a couple of different training programs to help jump start the process. These programs are designed to drastically reduce the amount of time you spend learning the application; thus getting you on the road to improved sales as quickly as possible.

Initial Pinnacle Cart Training (Est. Time: 1-1.5 hours)

Work one on one with a certified Pinnacle Cart Expert Trainer learning the ins and outs of the cart and how it can improve your business. We’ll begin the call by discussing the needs of your business, and continue on from there showing you the features we believe will address those needs most effectively. This session is geared toward Pinnacle Cart newbies and clients who are not that familiar with E-Commerce.

Advanced Pinnacle Cart Training (Est. Time: 1-1.5 hours)

Geared more toward the experienced user, this training session goes into more of the advanced features of the application and E-Commerce in general. Topics include setting up advanced analytics using the advanced features of the applications, using custom image, product, and category settings, and other topics that apply to your business needs.

Marketing Training (Est. Time: 1-1.5 hours)

This session is for those whose site is completed and who are looking to take their store to the next level. The session itself focuses on strategies to drive more traffic into your storefront, including tracking what source is effective converting into sales; creating more content for better search engine ranking; creating more compelling content that converts shoppers into buyers; strategies to effectively increase page ranking, and more.

Custom Training Packages ($75 per hour)

At Pinnacle Cart we understand every business is unique, and can provide you with a custom training package that focuses on the needs of our business and how the cart can help your business achieve its goals. This package is priced per hour and is specialized to focus on specific areas of the cart and how they relate to the needs of your business.

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