Hoping to use social media to market your business? Even if you want to market on other channels, you should start with Instagram. Here’s why…

It’s no secret that Instagram can really expand the reach of your online store. In 2018, more than 800 million active monthly users. That’s 800 MILLION… let that sink in. With a bit of strategy, your business can earn quality engagement just by posting impressive Instagram images that are properly marked with location and #hashtags.

Instagram is constantly updating and improving their app, which is one of the reasons it has become a powerful marketing tool for eCommerce store owners.

The powerful platform has steadily maintained its reputation as one of the most popular and engaging social media apps. Since its release in 2010, the social media platform has gained over 800 million Instagram followers. This provides an incredible marketing opportunity for online business owners. In creating the content strategy for your eCom business, Instagram is an excellent resource for building and boosting your audience.

So your question becomes, how can I promote my business and grow my audience with this visually stunning social media tool?

Make a Great Impression with your Instagram Bio

In the beginning – creation of your Bio. Write a bio that is interesting and honest Tell your story and describe your business by bringing out all of its strengths and quirks. If you appeal to a specific niche then it’s best to speak mostly (but not completely) to that audience. Feel free to try and engage your market by adding your company email address and other important contact information.

Highlight what you are good at. Always promote what sets you apart from the competitors. Does your company offer set of uniques skills, experience, or a creative product line? Brainstorm with your team and get to the bottom line of what you’re good at. Then share that information in a way that will stir the interest and engagement of your audience.


Choose the best links. Instagram is a bit restrictive on clickable links – they only allow one in your whole profile. Most businesses, of course, link their main website. There is a way to get around that restriction, however, that’s not against Instagram rules (yet) and is gaining in popularity. Instead of using your one link for your homepage, consider linking to a hub that lists a series of links for you. It’s something that you’ll need to experiment with to understand if your audience is receptive to it but if they are, you’ll be able to add links to great landing pages, videos, your social media pages and more.

Be Creative. A Bio is a great place to let your company’s or team’s unique personality shine. Have fun, use crazy fonts, emojis, and colors, if you want. Be silly or serious, whatever reflects the true company mindset. There are apps that can help you design and take control of your Instagram bios. In addition to a custom design, don’t forget to share more about yourself. Most bloggers and influencers include their personal tidbits like their hobbies and interests in their bio, showing off both their personal and professional side.

Post Instagrammable Content. Have you heard people say, “Is it instagrammable?!” You probably have if you run in socially motivated circles. Instagram is growing in popularity because of its image-centric platform. Beauty sells and our preferences for attractive images is wired into our brains. Visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the human brain than text is. This fact helps us understand why Instagram has become so popular in our visual world. This is why you’ll see successful businesses post only high-quality product photos, compliment their content with stunning images, or create a short video of their great products or services.

Why Instagram is Crucial for Business Marketing

So how does a company post-Instagrammable content?

1. Don’t be too pushy. Instagram was built for pleasure, not a hard sell.

2. Use a few hashtags strategically, making sure they are relevant to your business.

3. Take advantage of Instagram’s incredible filters. They make pictures look amazing.

4. Don’t forget to add your location! Geotagged posts get 79% more engagement.

5 Join the fun with trends like #TBT and #foodporn. Find trends that work for your brand.

6. Be fun! Build a feed your audience loves. (And delete what isn’t well received/liked.)

Instagram Stories

Injecting some fun into your Instagram marketing is an essential part of the process. You do not want to bore your followers with the same type of posts so – stand out from your competition! Lighten up with discoverable Instagram stories. It allows users who don’t follow you to see your products and services. What a perfect chance to attract new followers. If used well, Instagram stories can be an impressive source of advertising for businesses.


Collaborate with Influencers

Why are Instagram Influencers an increasingly hot topic these days? While creating visibility for your business, you will need to create partnerships. Social Influencers on Instagram have a large and loyal follower base (over 800 million in 2018) that trust their opinions and recommendations. Even if you’re hoping to promote on other channels, you should start with Instagram influencers.

Instagram is a valuable online tool that provides an instant audience for businesses that are trying to be competitive and build a following. Instagram should be part of every well-planned marketing strategy.

Are you using Instagram to Market your business? Tell us how you feel about it in the comments below!