Marketing – especially internet marketing – is full of buzz words. Perhaps you’ve come across the most recent addition to marketing lexicon – “remarketing.” The simple definition of remarketing is displaying an ad to a customer who has already visited your site or taken a specific action within a specified period of time. The Google machine published a nifty little blog entry detailing exactly what their definition is and how they plan to execute on the idea. Hit the link for official verbiage, of course, but read on for a remarketing summary courtesy of, well, us.


A parable on “remarketing:” Uncle Frankie is surfing away looking for a new, fantastically crafted humidor to house his Cubans. He visits about 5 different sites before realizing he’s late for his pinochle game with his buddies. After Uncle Frankie and his partner Sal take a beating at the hands of two dames, they retire back to Uncle Frankie’s condo to research pinochle strategy online. Frankie offers Sal one of his Cubans as they begin surfing for ways to win next week. Suddenly Sal says, “Hey Frankie! Look at dis here!”

What did Sal see?

Frankie peers over Sal’s shoulder, “Hey! There’s a link for that humidor site I was tellin’ ya bout.”

Yes!!! Sal saw a sponsored link for the humidor site that Uncle Frankie had visited earlier in the day. WHAT THE? HOW THE? Any ideas? In our best imitation of Cookie Monster – “C is for Cookie, that’s good enough for me…..” Yes star students, the illustrious cookie. When Uncle Frankie visited the humidor site earlier in the day but then navigated away without making a purchase, the site left a cookie on Uncle Frankie’s machine. Then, when Sal and Frankie logged on looking for pinochle strategy – the previously placed cookie REMARKETED to Uncle Frankie by displaying the sponsored link for the humidor company. Of course, Uncle Frankie needs to be on a website or network that is offering remarketing, but with Google starting to do it we can expect other advertising networks to follow shortly.

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