If you’re looking for ways to increase sales,  video demonstrations may be the solution you’ve been hoping for. 

Thanks to significant advances in video production technology, video content is more widespread than ever. Nowadays, only basic cameras and editing software are required to produce engaging, entertaining, and informative content. Furthermore, high-speed internet is becoming increasingly standard and short video clips now load and play on websites without significant delay. All this means that video demonstrations can now be an integral part of people’s online ecommerce experience and companies can increase sales with video demonstrations. You, as an online business owner or content creator, can quickly and easily explain your new products, complicated process, or evoke emotional buys out of your target audience. But how exactly can this be achieved?

Here are four strategies to keep in mind when developing visually engaging video demonstrations for content.

  1. Cultivate Trust

Video combines sound, image, motion, and text into a dynamic informational experience. Video is regarded as a credible medium because feelings of trust can be cultivated at all these levels. Consider fundamental design considerations like color, lighting, and volume level. Analytics from ReelSEO found that video increased sales from 27 percent to just over 46 percent. Interestingly, this increase was demonstrated whether or not the customers actually watched the video; simply having the option to do so resulted in increased sales. This clearly demonstrates the confidence that people have in video media. You can increase sales with video demonstrations because video cultivates trust.

  1. Use Video to Its Fullest Advantage

Creating a video with a slideshow of product images is certainly possible, and it will no doubt gain some attention from site visitors, but this option does not use video technology to its full capacity. Video creation has to be approached from a multimedia perspective. This means considering the use of:

  • Live actors and speakers
  • Educational animations
  • Voice-over narration
  • Product demonstration
  • Customer testimonials
  • Before and after images
  • Charts and infographics

To reach a wider audience, make sure to use a variety of formats, including clips that clearly present faces, voices, and body language. These are three key elements that always catch viewers’ focus.  Switch things up and have fun!

  1. Use Video to Grab Attention

Video placement on a web page is a fine art. Because video includes faces and human voices, it automatically draws the attention of the viewer. Leverage this to your advantage by placing video near key content. Websites have approximately six seconds to capture a visitor’s focus, so be sure to place your video content for best effect.

  1. Include Essential Information

Keep in mind that your video demonstrations can also include specific calls to action, in addition to answering to questions that customers frequently have. This information can be communicated quickly and easily in video format, although it should always be reinforced by additional content on the FAQ page or company contact page.

There are many examples of awesome video demonstrations on the internet these days.  Some are meant to quickly explain a product or process, while others are meant to evoke emotion. Here are a couple of our favorites.

This quick video by Facebook is an awesome example of how effective video demonstrations can be when they are quick and to the point.  This clip is literally 18 seconds, but still does the job.  Anyone who was confused or wanted to know more about the Facebook Stickers option would have been informed in a cute, efficient format.

On the flip side, this lengthy video by GoPro is meant to tell a story and evoke emotion from watchers.  Everyone will feel relief and happiness after watching a fire fighter save a kitten, and that feeling will likely transfer to their feeling about GoPro’s part in the sharing of it.

Exceptional Video Content Is Deliberate

Great video content is not accidental; it is typically planned from the very earliest stages. Work with an experienced video production team to build quality video demonstrations and watch your lead conversions increase like never before. 

Have questions about video demonstrations? Or want to share your experience?  We’d love to hear it in the comment section below!