Everyone knows that a picture is worth a thousand words. And it has never been truer than when you’re purchasing something on the internet. In the absence of picking up an item, holding it in your hand and getting an up-close look-see, getting a detailed visual is the next best thing. With an ever-increasing competitive marketplace, giving the buyer an image to view not only provides an advantage over other merchants but also gives the purchaser added assurance that they are making the right buying decision. Both of which will inevitably increase your conversion rate. That’s why the PinnacleCart shopping cart comes fully loaded with a robust imaging tool.

When uploading products into your online store you want to ensure that you include a high-resolution image. The higher resolution your image, the more detail the purchaser will be able to see your product(s). Ideally, you want to use an image with at least 250 dots per square inch or, more commonly referred to as, dpi. To include an image for your product, simply go to the ‘Product’s Image’ section of the ‘Add a New Product’ page and select browse. This will allow you to find an image that is saved on your computer and upload it to the appropriate folder in the cart.

You will also have the option to choose a type of zoom function for your product(s). The zoom functionality allows the shopper to get a detailed visual of your product. This zoom capability is built into the PinnacleCart product, so there isn’t anything you need to do other than upload the image and choose the desired option under the section ‘Image Zooming’. There are three types of zoom options: 1) zoom, 2) magnify, and 3) image overlay. Zoom allows your customers to view your product images in incredible detail. The user does not need to click anything – they just move their mouse over the image to see every detail of your product. Magnify is an elegant way to zoom into your images with a magnifying glass. The user does not need to click anything – they just move their mouse over the photo to see every detail in your product. And, Image Overlay is used to overlay images on the current page. This feature allows potential customers to view enlarged product images without any pop-ups or leaving the page.

Click below to see the image tool feature in the admin area of the cart.

Pinnacle Cart Image Tools

You can also use additional customization to further enhance the existing imaging tools. With a little additional effort, you can choose a specific zoom area position, specify a specific size of the zoom area, add a title for the zoom image, display a loading message while the image is downloading (ideal for those with a slow internet connection), and adjust the opacity of the square when someone hovers over the image, among others.

So, when updating inventory, be sure to take advantage of this very useful and easy-to-use feature. You will assuredly increase your conversion rate while also providing your customers with a richer shopping experience. And if you ever have any questions or issues, be sure to reference our knowledgebase as you will find thorough documentation on how to get the most our of this tool.

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