Using purchased data can help businesses gain insight into tracking and understanding customer purchases. In turn, you want to use that information to predict future purchases. Predicting future sales can help companies utilize resources efficiently, boost sales, and encourage loyalty.

purchased dataYour point of sale system, whether through your eCommerce website or in a retail store, will have this information for you, and there are several ways you can use it to make your business more effective. From analyzing your marketing campaigns to identifying opportunities and gaining more customers, you can predict the future needs of both your customers and your business.


Analyze Your Marketing Campaigns

Advertising campaigns can cost your company time, money and effort, so you need to know that they’re effective. Purchasing data can help identify ways in which your campaigns are successful and where they fall flat; helping you tailor future marketing plans to fit your company’s needs.

  • Examining before-and-after purchasing rates helps you analyze how effective each element of your campaign was. You can track how many customers came to you through email, social media, and online advertisements to help you tailor future campaigns to the most prolific traffic sources.
  • Detailed purchasing data can tell you how well customer purchases aligned with the goal of your campaign. If you advertised a variety of lawn care equipment, but only saw a surge in the sale of weed whackers, purchasing data can help you analyze this phenomenon and help you make future marketing efforts more personalized to your customers.


Identify Opportunities

Tracking your customer through purchased data can help you optimize your customers’ experience and lead them toward making more purchases with your company.

  • Analyze patterns in your customers’ purchases to predict what they will need in the future and when. Identify key or recurrent purchases, and look for increased growth over time.
  • Focus your sales and marketing efforts towards those purchases your customers are likely to make, to keep them coming back to your business.


Predict Future Needs

By anticipating what your customers are likely to buy in the future, you can prepare your company to make the most of those trends.

  • Analyzing purchasing trends can help your company prepare for its future needs. When sales are likely to increase, you can ensure that you have enough staff on hand to manage the extra business and enough product stocked so that you won’t run out and end up losing customers.
  • You can also predict the times when sales are likely to slow so that you can set aside money in advance, change your business processes, or adapt your marketing campaigns accordingly.

Using purchasing data more effectively can help your business maintain profitable customer relationships, optimize its marketing campaigns for maximum efficiency, and prepare for times when sales will surge or drop off dramatically. By taking advantage of this data, you can predict your customers’ behavior and act accordingly to make your business more productive.


Megan Webb-Morgan is a web content writer for Resource Nation. She writes about small business, focusing on topics such as credit card processing.



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