On January 2, 2011 USPS made a change to their rating API’s that brought down almost every eCommerce system on the planet, including PinnacleCart. In December, we received a fairly detailed email outlining the intended changes and our development team reviewed these changes. We saw no issues with the changes and expected our current integration to work once the new API was released. As many of you now know, this didn’t happen. While there were a number of different issues that happened as a result of the change, the genesis resides with the return strings coming back to the cart. What used to be a return response that was very specific and easy to understand turned into, frankly, garbage. For the sake of this post, I won’t get into specifics, but these changes affected not only our platform, but almost every ecommerce application in existence. If you do a search on twitter and discussion board posts about the update, you’ll quick find out how much of a disaster this was for everyone. Needless to say, the support personal over at USPS were quickly overwhelmed with support request and phone calls.

We were able to get a fix out last week that got both domestic and international rates fixed, but we are still working on a couple of additional small items related to the rating issues for international shipping. If you haven’t taken in our latest update yet, we strongly advise doing so.

As always, thanks for being awesome, valued PinnacleCart customers.

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