Everyone here at PinnacleCart is excited to share a glimpse of our brand new features and the amazing updates that are being introduced in our July 2018 release.

After several months of collecting user feedback, brainstorming ideas, and excellent team effort, we’re proud to announce our latest PinnacleCart release.

Here are some things you can expect in the newest version:

Split Shipping

Need to send multiple items to multiple addresses in a single order? Now you can! Customers making purchases in your store will now have the option of splitting the order into multiple “Ship To:” addresses.

Below we see what the checkout screen looks like when a customer decides to split the shipment.

Split shipping allows you to designate different ship to addresses without creating a new order

Shipping items to different addresses typically required multiple orders. Now with Split Shipping (also known as “multiple ship to”), shoppers can specify the shipping address on a ‘per product’ basis when placing the order, which eliminates the need to make multiple purchases.

They have the option of selecting a ship to address from their address book, or adding a new address during checkout.

Adding an address to your order

Items from multiple orders can be placed through the same customer account.

Combining items from multiple orders into a single package won’t change the amount of shipping you pay for each order. The carrier will charge separate shipping charges for each of your orders.

You can even order multiple quantities of an item, split the shipping and select how many of each product should be shipped to each address.

Selecting how many of each item should be shipped to what address.

Recurring Billing

PinnacleCart has long offered Recurring Billing but has now upgraded the feature and is included in all packages for no extra fee! This powerful feature can greatly increase the ease of your billing as it allows frequently purchased products to be put on a Recurring Billing cycle, which ensures a regular income for your business. It’s great for both digital products and physical products that you ship monthly.

It automates both your life and the subscriber’s life by taking care of the billing payment process. This will optimize the checkout experience, stabilize your income, and expand customer retention.

With Recurring Billing, an eCommerce business does not have to wait for the online shopper to pay or repeatedly request their bank details. It’s a good way to avoid late payment conversations and keep a steady income stream.

Recurring billing allows you to set up payment plans for your products.

A good example of Recurring Billing is when you have a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription to items like season tickets, groceries, cosmetic necessities, magazine subscriptions, and more.  Customers know they need these items replaced regularly and, if offered a small discount or other perks, may be convinced to subscribe to your recurring offer.

Most eCommerce stores can find ways to sprinkle Recurring Billing into their sales cycle. If you sell wine, offer a monthly wine club.  If you market to parents, offer a monthly surprise box of educational toys. Put your mind to it and you’ll find items that will entice your niche market to subscribe.

Recurring Billing creates Recurring Revenue which is convenient, ensures a monthly income for your store, reduces the risk of an identity thief, saves time, and most especially… it eliminates hassle.

Filtered Menus

Menu filtering is the process that you use to enable or disable specific details of an item you are searching for.  It provides an easy, proactive way of refining customer searches. Our latest update introduces enhanced Filtered Menus, which will allow your potential buyers to make the smallest adjustments possible to their product searches. This easy-to-use navigation filters products by color, size, vendor, price, and so much more.

Create a

If you’re looking for a great example of filtered menus, look under “refine by” on the left side of this Amazon.com search:

Amazon Desktop Computer Search

Your online shoppers can also now filter collections with product tags. This customization shows how to add a drop-down menu and a set of all the lists of the product tags. This improves the ease-of-use of your online store as it’s much easier for the customers, especially if they are looking for specific details of a product/service.

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