On average, at least 50% of online shopping cart orders are abandoned and the products not purchased. One common reason that these carts are abandoned is having too many steps during checkout. Streamlining the checkout process to as few steps as possible can greatly improve the completion percentage of online shopping cart orders.

Having unnecessary steps in the checkout process, such as a site registration requirement, can lead to frustration and cart abandonment. Customers often shop online for convenience and do not want a long checkout process after their decisions have been made. The fewer steps the customer has for checkout, the more cart completion you’ll see.

By eliminating distractions from the checkout process, you are retaining sales for your company. With people’s lives becoming increasingly busy, online shoppers have no time to waste and want a convenient shopping experience. Cutting out the distractions and unnecessary aspects of the checkout process will be greatly appreciated by customers. This appreciation will be seen in more completed orders and more repeat customers.

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