Wouldn’t you love to just have to sell a product once, but continue to get paid on it?  With recurring billing, that’s exactly what happens.  You sell once, and never have to sell again.  It’s like setting success in motion…

Remember the days when everything in your business was done manually?  Or have you maybe heard about those days?  Fortunately, those old methods are all becoming a thing of the past as automation takes over.  A good example of this convenient change in procedure is Recurring Billing.  Does your eCommerce platform offer it?  If not, it should!

With recurring billing you only have to sell once.  You heard that right.  After your initial marketing and work, you never have to sell that product to the buyer again, the billing just keeping going for you.

recurring billing

Recurring billing keeps money coming in!

Billing has always been a tedious task.  If you’re selling products or services that have frequent repeat shoppers or services and products that can be subscription based, you should add recurring billing to your online store immediately.  Not only will doing so help you save time, but offering recurring billing through your webstore has proven time and time again to bolster your overall revenue, with very little effort on your part.  

So why don’t all online business owners offer Recurring Billing on frequently purchased items or services?  

Well, not many eCommerce platforms offer the service.  The option to bill clients through automated Recurring Billing is too often reserved for the more complicated, expensive shopping cart software.  Fortunately, PinnacleCart eCommerce stepped up to the plate by including recurring billing in their standard eCommerce features, free of charge to their clients. Now, easier than ever before, you can sell your products on a subscription based billing model, or offer an automatic shipping and billing of frequently purchased goods. With this excellent billing advantage, you can automatically bill your customers at any desired time period, for any amount.  

For example, if your clients would like the freshest baked goods sent to their office every week, you can automatically bill them weekly.  If your shoppers prefer items to be sent every three weeks, monthly, or even just once annually, it’s not a problem!  This recurring billing automation is excellent for store owners who are looking for an auto-ship functionality, who want to sell memberships, or who perhaps have a subscription-based product line.

Many eCommerce gurus agree that recurring billing is the way to go for predictable, steady revenue.  Here’s expert start-up advisor, Mark MacLeod, on the topic.

All eCommerce experts agree… recurring billing is the way to build a solid, predictable and profitable business.  Here’s why:

    • It strengthens your business.
      By offering products or services that involve recurring billing, you’re giving yourself the advantage of retaining customers and being able to predict revenue.  Instead of working and marketing for each sale, you’ll have a built-in stream of income that strengthens your business.
    • It allows discounted introductory rates ($x for the first month. $xx a month thereafter)
      Sales and promos change with seasons, inventory, and customer buying habits.  Make sure your recurring billing can roll with the changes and attract the right kind of audience with discounted introductory rates.
    • It includes free trials offers (1 month free. $xx a month thereafter)
      Some of your most loyal followings may have started or first became aware of your brand through free trials or other discounted roots.  Free trials are an excellent way to attract new clients and increase your overall brand awareness.
    • It is compatible with Authorize.net, CIM, and FirstData payment gateways.
      When the top ranked payment gateways are compatible with your recurring billing, you will truly have little to worry about.  Your quality service and products will play a key role in attracting the right shoppers, and then you can automate their shopping experience to keep them loyal.
    • It makes life easier with a unique customer management system.
      Though other billing systems do not allow convenient customer management, PinnacleCart’s Recurring Billing invites your customer to log into their own accounts and manage their options.  By giving them the option to manage, cancel, update credit cards, etc, you’re offering an ability that typically has to be completed through merchant contact.  This promotes a sense of trust and, frankly, makes business easier for both you and your clients!
    • It allows clients to easily control over shipping dates, order size, and more!
      Whether your shoppers want five, 50, or 500 of something, our easy user interface allows them to make changes that fit their needs.  They can automate billing at their preferred intervals, whether it’s every other week or ever 111 days.  We help you make sure your patrons need are saved and covered – automatically.

With all of the eCommerce platforms on the market, sometimes it’s hard to know which will best fit your business.  If you’re hoping to grow your business by adding an automated and recurring revenue, PinnacleCart eCommerce may be the solution for you!

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