Are you looking for quick ways to improve your online business?  We’ve got a short list of recommendations that you can get to work on tonight – while dinner is cooking!

No matter what the task, trying new things can seem intimidating. Cooking dinner, and actually achieving a tender, delicious results, might sound daunting to an aspiring chef, but with the right recipe—and with the right cooking time—it’s really not that complicated. The same can be said for starting your own business – especially an online business. Trying to visualize, create and come up with ways to improve your online business (aka eCommerce store) might sound difficult at first, but with proper planning, finding the right eCommerce platform for your goals, and some helpful tips, you can ensure more financial success for your business endeavors.

Want to learn some quick ways to improve your online business while the dinner is cooking? Read on.

  1. Showcase Your Mad Merchandising Skills

Improve Your Online BusinessBrick-and-mortar retail stores are not the only businesses that will benefit from good merchandising – your eCommerce website will, too. In fact, using product promotion in your online business will greatly benefit your website because you are ensuring an enjoyable shopping experience for your customers. If you group your products together in categories, based on how they are used and what other items are most often used with them, your client base will have to work less for a well-rounded purchase. For example, if you are an apparel retailer, it would make sense to group shoes and sandals in the same category and then keep sock and stockings in a group of their own.

A coordinating tactic would be to offer shoppers product collections or bundles, as well. Expertly bundled product collections offered as promos is a great way to show your customers that you care and gives them purchasing ideas. This strategy can also make your customers feel that they are saving time on their purchases as everything that they need is already bundled together.  If a shopper has just put a trending swimsuit in their shopping cart, make sure they are offered sunglasses, a beach bag, and matching towel to go with it.  Merchandising skills like this will inform your audience of what you offer and help increase your overall sale.

A well-thought-out merchandising strategy for your eCommerce site won’t take too much of your time and is an excellent way to improve your online business. After all, you are just essentially moving your product offerings around.  

  1. Use High-Quality Product Photos

If your online store is like many of the thousands of eCommerce websites out there, selling physical products that customers judge by appearance, then common sense would dictate that you add more high-quality product photos to your site – and maybe some product videos. Consumers are spoiled by being able to physically inspect a product in a brick-and-mortar store. Online shoppers can’t do this so it’s your job to provide them with quality product photos. Fill your eCommerce website with large, high-resolution pictures that customers can zoom in on, can be examined from any angle, and can be rotated.

Do not underestimate how important product photos are. Displaying the best quality photos of your products in your site cannot be emphasized enough.  Studies have even found that larger product images can increase sales by a whopping 9 percent. Showing customers the quality of your products will help create trust, which leads to more confident sales and less returns.

It doesn’t take much time and effort to ensure that you are utilizing great-quality photos for your products. Before you make a decision on your supplier, make sure they have and provide high-res product photos. If you are purchasing your inventory yourself, invest in a good high-end camera to take product photos with. Depending on the size of your products, you’ll also need a photography light tent or backdrop and lighting.

  1. Improve Your Online BusinessDon’t Ignore SEO

One quick way to ensure that your eCommerce website is search-engine friendly is by creating fresh content for it. A great idea is putting up a blog for your website.  This small task will allow you to post a daily entry of a few hundred words or a video that’s related to your business. It will also encourage customer feedback and comments, which are both excellent for Google ranking.

Writing articles or blog posts related to your product’s industry and using the correct targeted keywords won’t only help increase your online store’s visibility in search engines, but will also educate your potential customers. Just make sure that you take time to craft keyword-rich product descriptions that will work for both your visitors and search engines. Content is king – and is another great way to improve your online business.

  1. Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media is a quick and effective way to get potential customers to notice your online store. It won’t take too much of your time to promote your best products on social media; a few times per week is enough – and when done right can produce the right results. But social media should not be limited to marketing and promotions. You should also use it to connect with your customers, engage with them and build your brand’s personality. Don’t just share your content and promotions – tell jokes, share random quips of interest, and interact with your site’s audience to give your brand or company that personal and intimate touch that customers appreciate.

  1. Make Sure Everything in Your Site Is Up-to-Date

improve your online businessAnother great idea to improve your online business is to do a quick check of your website and make sure that everything is updated. Is your blog’s latest entry more than a few months old? Update it with a fresh post. Product descriptions sound bland and stale? Freshen them with compelling copy. Does your website design look old and outdated? It only takes a few minutes to look for a newly released, better-designed website template (or hire a veteran graphic designer to work on an overhaul). If you want the best results and have the resources, you can even overhaul your entire website and start afresh.

Nowadays, it’s easy to find the best webstore builder, or at least one that’s perfect for your needs.  Many of the top companies offer free product migration so, you’d be surprised how quick it is to upgrade to better software or do an entire website overhaul these days. Keeping everything on your eCommerce site fresh and updated gives an impression of professionalism and will do wonders for your brand or company’s image to customers.  



Setting a goal to improve your online business doesn’t have to take too much time or effort on your part. Sometimes the most effective and obvious solutions are the quick ones. Follow these tips, and you might just end up boosting your profits before the holidays!

Do you have other great ideas on how to improve your Online Business?  We’d love to hear them in the comment section below!