Recent industry reports put shopping cart abandonment rates at anywhere from 20 to 50%. In too many cases, cart checkout processes take too long, require too many clicks and involve too many requests for non-essential information. Shoppers get distracted, impatient and distressed. They lose interest, leave the site, or simply take a detour to shop and research at another online store. The result is a huge lost revenue opportunity. Here is a couple of interesting statistics regarding the checkout process:

  • According to Forrester Research, the average shopping cart abandonment rate among online retailers is 36 percent.
  • 38 percent of online users do not buy online because they have to register with a site before purchasing. (source: Forrester)

One way to decrease cart abandonment is to not require the customer to create an account or to give them the option of creating an account. This can be done very easily in PinnacleCart by completing the following steps:

First login to the control panel of your cart and go to Cart Setting >> Global Cart Settings and select Order / Cart Settings.
Scroll down to “Allow Create Account” and select “Allow user to decide” or “No” and click save at the bottom of the page.


We suggest only forcing the customer to create an account only if it is absolutely necessary for your business. You’ll be doing yourself and your customers a favor by giving them the power to create an account.

Happy Selling!

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