Interested in learning how product videos can help your online business? They are an increasingly popular form of content that enables online shoppers to complete a sale with confidence.

Ask online business owners or eCommerce entrepreneurs to name one business-related superpower they wish they could have and a good number of them may wish for the power to suspend time. Why? Well, if they had all the time in the world, these SMB owners would have the opportunity to approach all of their prospective customers and give them full explanations and demonstrations on the products they are selling.  The closest thing that can get to that ability without superpowers would be… product videos. 

Product videos help increase consumer buying comfort and any online business owner who is confident and enthusiastic about their product should welcome the opportunity to show off their product inventory.  Since they can’t sit down individually with many customers, they can use demonstrations and product videos to walk them through an item, step-by-step. As a business owner yourself, you know you obviously don’t have the time to do that. The best thing you can do is put out a kick-@ss product videos that engage your audience while educating them about your product.

So… want to know how you can you increase a customer’s item awareness and buying comfort with video demonstration? Read on.

  1. Be as clear with your product videos as possible.

Consumer trends may be showing increase clicks with product videos but that doesn’t mean potential buyers have time to waste.  Most online shoppers want a clear, quick message in the product videos they watch. A clear message speaks volumes about your product and does wonders in raising product awareness with your customers. If you are the one speaking in your product video, make sure to take as much time as you need to communicate, and talk clearly about what you want to say about your product or service. Avoid sounding rushed and trying to fit everything into a certain time limit.

  1. Be sure to communicate with your target market.

A well-targeted demo video has a bigger chance of success in creating product awareness for customers. If you are trying to crack a certain demographic for your product, make sure your video speaks to them. For instance, if you are selling the hottest trends in athletic apparel or workout clothing, then your video should target consumers between eighteen to forty years of age. In other words, whether you’re speaking to a certain age group, a particular demographic, or a geographic audience, it pays to customize your product videos so that they’re highly relevant to your potential customers.

  1. Be real – any demo you run should tell it like it is.

product videosWhen prospective customers watch your product video, they want to see a real, authentic person talking to them. They don’t just want to know the details or specifications about the product they are watching, but they also want to meet the person or people behind the product. Believe it or not, when you go out and talk to customers in a demo video, you’re not just selling the product, but you are selling yourself too. Be as authentic as you can in your video and try to build a human connection with your customers, and this will also reflect positively on the item you are talking about. Make your customers aware of your product by being real.

  1. Be simple – product videos don’t need flare.

No one likes a showoff.  Trying to show off how slick and cool you are and using esoteric jargon that might turn off your eCommerce customers – unless you have a preteen fanbase. Instead, speak to your customers using simple conversation – keep it informational and friendly while throwing in a small touch of sell. Your goal is to create product awareness in your customers, not confuse them, so try to find a way to explain to them how your product will fit into their lives and why they should buy it (instead of intimidating or turning them off with fancy lingo). You might be tempted to produce a fancy, high-concept, and artistic video, but if your viewers don’t understand the product at the end of the demo, they probably wouldn’t be inspired to pull out their wallets and become customers. A good rule of thumb: if your product video can be understood by a global audience, one that may not have English as their first language, then you’re doing a great job.

  1. Be professional, but don’t forget to be personal.

product videosYou want to be as professional in your video demo as possible, so go ahead and prepare an awesome script, hire a professional videographer, and make sure you use the best audio and video equipment you can get. But don’t forget to inject some spunk and personality into your video as well. Being personal here means showcasing your personality to differentiate your product from the thousands—or millions—of other products sold out there. It is a good idea to showcase your brand’s identity while connecting with your customers on a personal level. The goal here is to strike up a conversation with potential customers and try to make them aware of your product, but do your best to talk to them and not at them. You are not just talking to a customer through your video, you are talking to a human being.  

In the end, well-made product videos will not only help you create product awareness but brand awareness, as well. Whether you’re running a startup or are in charge of a business that’s been around for a while, you will find out that in the long term, demo videos are an essential tool that can help you reinforce your company’s brand reputation and core values. Simply put, a great demo video can help you sell your brand just as much as it can help you sell your products and services.

Do you use product videos to help sell your products?  If not, ask any questions you have in the comments below.  If so, we’d love to hear any words of wisdom you’d like to share (in the comments, also)!  


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