What’s new for PinnacleCart 3.8?
Hint: we’re faster, friendlier, and offer more.

The crew here at PinnacleCart is always working hard to deliver you the best eCommerce software but we just wanted to stop for a moment and touch base with our phenomenal users (and the potential Pcarters out there).  We’re excited to let all of you know we’ve recently set PinnacleCart 3.8 loose on the WWW.  Many thanks go out to our awesome tech team and for those who have been patient with us through the changes (and to the pizza delivery guy – he deserves a special shout-out for the multiple deliveries while this was all taking place).  

Here’s what you can look forward to with the new 3.8 PinnacleCart 2016 release!   

PinnacleCart 3.8 Improvements

  • Woohoo!!! Product level shipping is back by popular demand! You can now create fixed, custom shipping rates for individual products inside of PinnacleCart 3.8. Yep, with this new release, you can setup multiple product level rates!
  • Norton Shopping Guarantee is a welcome new addition to Pinnacle Cart. As a Norton Shopping Guarantee, we can offer an extra layer of protection for shoppers and smart marketing for our online retailers. To learn more about our newest plugin and the site seal, check out https://www.nortonshoppingguarantee.com/.
  • We know we were already super speed but newly updated speed enhancements are always a good thing, right?  We think so, so we added them to PinnacleCart 3.8!
  • You ask and we listened! Product overview is one of the features that has been added back to the cart, for use in both product templates and SEO optimization.
  • Looking for something more skilled… a little more technical?  PinnacleCart software has just been updated to use PDO extensions. Though this may not mean much to the average user, we know the developers out there are jumping for joy.  It’s a big deal!
  • Admins can now reset a registered user’s password via the admin area.  Yes, we thought this would be a convenient thing to do.  For the forgetful of us…
  • Not everything needs to stay in place so we’ve also removed usage of the hosts / statistics / referrers tables. These tables were really only used for storing data that is better collected with Google Analytics or other analytics platforms.

And now for the other improvements in PinnacleCart 3.8, and some exterminations…

PinnacleCart 3.8

To checkout the list of other upgrades and the slew of bug removals that went on for PinnacleCart 3.8, just head to our support page on the update!