Interested in getting an insider’s take on eCommerce platforms? If so, you’re in luck! Recently, PinnacleCart CEO, Craig Fox, granted an in-depth interview with Hosting Review Box. The topic? What online business owners should look for when they choose an eCommerce platform and what makes PinnacleCart excel beyond other eCommerce software on the market today.

Here’s a snippet of the interview:

Based on your years of eCommerce expertise, what do you think makes an eCommerce Platform a good choice? What should you look for in one?

The ability to customize the platform to meet the needs of a business is what makes an eCommerce platform good. Nowadays, most of the major platforms have the same fundamental features, so from that aspect, we all look and operate a lot alike. Finding one that is truly customizable, that can grow and adapt as a business changes – that’s the key.

What do you think is the best feature of eCommerce Platforms? How does this feature help business owners achiever results?

It’s very tough to single out one feature as the “best” feature in eCommerce platforms because every business has different needs. That said, we do get quite a bit of positive feedback on our Shopping Cart Abandonment tool. It helps businesses recover sales from customers who have decided not to complete the purchase, after adding items to their cart. According to industry experts, over 70% of shoppers will abandon their carts for one reason or another. Our automated abandonment tool works to bring those shoppers back to complete their order.

There are a lot of eCommerce platforms in the market today. All eCommerce platforms offer a different set of features, promotions, and freebies to attract customers. Can you tell us why we should choose PinnacleCart over the rest?

You’re right, there are a lot! As the force of internet selling grows, so do the number of companies who are trying to profit off of it. While we all build on the same fundamental features, every eCommerce application will have their own set of unique tools, designed to help customers grow their business.

What sets PinnacleCart apart is – a couple of things. First, we don’t nickle and dime our merchants on features. All of our clients have access to all of our eCommerce tools, that includes over 450 features. Second, though many claim to, we are one of the only applications that allows merchants the ability to completely customize the platform to meet the needs of their business. And third, we offer eCommerce services such as design, development, marketing, content development, customer service, live chat and more.

We’ve been doing this for over 12 years and we’re good at it. One of the main things we find that keeps merchants from being successful is a lack of resources. In response, we’ve created a division within our organization that is dedicated to helping eCommerce merchants successfully design, develop and market their online store.

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