How does a brick and mortar business draw an audience loyal enough to stay in business for 25 years? Clever management and adding on an eCommerce store.

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For this PinnacleCart Client Spotlight, we decided to point our compass east and talk to Paul Savasta, proud owner and CEO of Odyssey ProSound. This rockin’ online store is one of our favorites because it’s managed to reach a wide musically inclined audience while staying inside its niche market. Odyssey ProSound sells and trades new, used, and vintage pro audio equipment. They will also come in and build a custom recording studio for you… it’s a true gem for those interested in the music industry!

Odyssey ProSound

The Problem?

When Odyssey ProSound came to PinnacleCart wanting to upgrade their current business they were already on another eCommerce platform. They had an aging design and has lost the web designer that had helped them make changes in the past. Additionally, Savasta felt his old site didn’t represent his complete business and new offerings and only focused on products.

The Solution?

Savasta and his PinnacleCart team worked to together redesign the old look and feel of Odyssey ProSound. They updated old technologies, created a fully functional, easy-to-navigate, and up-to-date website that proudly portrayed all aspects of his business. The new website has brought in more business and saved Savasta precious time.

Odyssey ProSound

Updated technology, easier navigation, and a complete offering of products and services were all part of Savasta’s PinnacleCart upgrade.

Words of Wisdom From a Successful eCommerce Business Owner

PinnacleCart: What inspired you to choose and start working in the audio equipment business?
Savasta: My passion for music is the main reason I started this business. The transition from being a professional musician to running a professional recording equipment business was necessary due to my desire to be with my family.

PinnacleCart: How long has your company been in business?
Savasta: 25 years

PinnacleCart: What kind of products do you sell and what helped you decide what to sell?
Savasta: Odyssey Pro Sound sells and brokers new, used and vintage high-end professional recording equipment for home and commercial studios. Check out my website! lol

Odyssey ProSound

PinnacleCart: What was the one feature that led you to choose PinnacleCart eCommerce software over the other options?
Savasta: The ease of use was the key feature for me in choosing Pinnacle Cart. The ability to revise, edit and add products without dealing with HTML code was key. My web developer at the time recommended Pinnacle – and I loved it!

PinnacleCart: What were some of the challenges you have had to overcome in starting/running your business?
Savasta: When Odyssey Pro Sound started, it was with very little revenue. The challenge was and will always be to spend wisely and have good money management.

PinnacleCart: What are some of the other daily operations eCommerce tools you use to run your company?
Savasta: Google AdWords and Analytics along with MailChimp. All offered with Pinnacle Cart.

PinnacleCart: Would you share a few tips for new business owners who are looking to get into eCommerce?
Savasta: Know your industry and the market you are entering. Check out the competition – and create a great website with hosting (like Pinnacle offers).

Odyssey ProSound

Great advice from a longtime business owner! If you’re interested in learning more about Paul Savasta and Odyssey ProSound, don’t hesitate to drop him a line.

Owner Name: Paul Savasta

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Contact Number: 978-744-2001

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And if you’re interested in getting some help moving your existing business over to an eCommerce platform, don’t hesitate to contact our live support here at PinnacleCart.

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