This week, PinnacleCart announced updates that include improved business intelligence tools and features that provide greater insight into consumer behaviors and purchasing patterns.

The improved business intelligence tools, as well as the rest of the updates, will provide access to significant improvements to the PinnacleCart webstore platform.  We are the eCommerce platform designed to increase sales, traffic, and conversions. Growing your business with us keeps getting easier and easier!

Merchants who partner with PinnacleCart will now enjoy the improved insight and increased visibility into their referral programs, customer purchases, consumer behaviors, and general buying patterns. This information will help you get to know your customers.  Sales and marketing information of this level can be used effectively to improve customer retention rates and overall revenue while enhancing customer satisfaction and the tools that help online businesses operate cost-effectively.

PinnacleCart releases an expanded set of business intelligence tools.


Craig Fox, President and CEO of PinnacleCart stated, “To be successful,  online stores need to make quick decisions based on consumer behavior. With this update, business will have access to easily consumable and relevant data points that will allow them to make better, smarter and faster decisions.  This will ultimately lead to more sales. “

Business intelligence tools aren’t the only improvement PinnacleCart has been working on.  In addition, stores who partner with PinnacleCart will experience increased efficiency, due to updates to the order management system, and intuitive integrations with some of the industry’s leading fraud detection tools, and

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