Hello Everyone! Mike Rose here checking in to let everyone know about PinnacleCart version 3.8.4 as well as what you may have missed in a prior revision of PinnacleCart 3.8.3.

What’s new in PinnacleCart 3.8.3r2 and 3.8.4

Paypal Braintree Payment gateway

PinnacleCart is proud to support PayPal’s unifying gateway called Braintree Payments. Braintree is the only payment platform that allows you to accept cards and PayPal through a single integration. We are pretty excited to offer this as Braintree seems to be setting the standard for payment gateways of the future. To learn more, check out braintreepayments.com.

Duplicate Products

A feature brought back by popular demand. From the products list page in your admin area, you can use an existing product as a template for new ones with just a single click. This feature will make loading your products easier and save the amount of time you spending managing products instead of making money.

Updated reCAPTCHA

In keeping up with the times and ensuring your users are not robots, we have implemented the newest version of Google reCAPTCHA. Just get your keys over at reCAPTCHA powered by Google, drop em into the cart, and start fighting back against the machines.

Password Generator

To make generating and resetting passwords to more secure passwords easier, we have added a password generator into the cart for you. The generated passwords are so secure, we even forget them and have to reset our own passwords.

Fraud Detection

An all-new area in PinnacleCart, the Fraud Detection section allows you to choose your favorite supported fraud detection partner and start ensuring your orders are as safe and legitimate as possible. We chose FraudLabsPro as our initial partner in this endeavor but if you have a company you like, let us know about them! If you would like to learn more about FraudLabs Pro, head on over to their featured page here.

Snippet Manager

Another all-new area in PinnacleCart, the Snippet Manager section allows you to easily add javascript and CSS to the head or footer of your website. No CSS or HTML editing needed! This handy new feature will make it tremendously easier for you to get your sites verified, add in your own fonts, or even add your own javascript libraries.

To check out a full list of what has been fixed and improved in PinnacleCart 3.8.3r2 and 3.8.4 , check out the links below:

Coming Soon – Filtered Menus

Filtered menus are on the way! This exciting new feature will allow your customers to more finely tune their product searches. This feature is commonly found on sites with a massive inventory to help their customers find exactly what they are looking for as well as make more educated buying decisions. We are still making some final tweaks to it before releasing the 1.0 version of Filtered Menus, so expect to see it in PinnacleCart 3.8.5 which is due for full release in March 2017.

We Still Want to Hear From You!

I personally respond to the feature requests that come in from our customers and lately, I haven’t had anyone to talk to! I want to hear how we can make the product better and attempt to accommodate common business needs where we may fall short or could do a better job of. Please feel free to fill out the contact form over at https://www.pinnaclecart.com/contact-us or email me at featurerequests@pinnaclecart.com. If you have a special business case that has been tough to get a cart for, we also have a wonderful Professional Services team that can help your goals come to fruition. You can get a hold of them at 1-800-506-0398.

Interested in learning more about what’s new at PinnacleCart? Just contact us!