At PinnacleCart, our customers are the reason we are able to do what we love. Going forward we are going to be showcasing a Pinnacle Highlight which allows a happy customer to tell their story about how their life has improved for the better because we are here for them. This is our first entry for this series, but depending on the response (which has been VERY good) we will be adding a new profile every month.

Who are you and where are you from?

Laurie O’Neill, from California. Business is Mandy’s Moon Personalized Gifts.


What do you sell and how did you decide to sell it?

I sell invitations and gift items featuring my own designs with cartoon kids and families that you choose to resemble your family members. All our products celebrate diversity and are available featuring kids and families of any race. I started my business in 1998 after I adopted my first daughter from Vietnam and realized there weren’t very many products out there that reflected a family like ours with a single Caucasian mom and an Asian daughter. I started out making handmade polymer clay ornaments that I sold on a simple website my brother put together for me and was marketing mainly to other adoptive families. They were so popular that I couldn’t keep up with making them, so I began expanding out in other directions with my printed products – party invitations, birthday T shirts, cartoon family address labels, etc. I also carry multicultural dolls and other items that I’ve found that celebrate diversity. Here is a screenshot (clickable) that will take you to our site.


What is your proudest moment as a website owner?

I think one of my proudest moments is realizing that our little company is able to provide equal or better service to our customers than the big huge companies out there. I’ve ordered stock items from other companies that simply had to be put in a box and shipped out and had it take 2 weeks to arrive. There are only 2 of us to do everything here and we are selling customized products that have to be individually set up and made as they are ordered but our orders almost always go out within one business day, even during the Christmas season when we are swamped. We don’t sleep much at that time of year! Our company consists of myself and my Mom, who do everything from designing the products, maintaining the web site, producing, packing, and shipping the orders, and keeping up all the paperwork. My 16 yr old daughter has recently come on board as a designer and assistant. Most of the time we are so busy that I don’t even stop to think about what we’ve accomplished, but every once in a while I realize wow – we’ve gone from selling a couple of handmade ornaments to over 1700 customizable products and I am amazed! We have just made the switch to PinnacleCart eCommerce and I am excited to finally be able to offer things like a wish list and the ability for the customer to be able to go back and view old orders, features that were missing in my old cart. I love that Pinnacle cart is simple enough that I could customize it myself to look exactly how I want with just a bit of knowledge of HTML and CSS, and that it can handle all the complicated options I have for my products.

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