We love to read nice things people post about our software around the interwebs, but when an independent firm like SEOShoppingCarts.com reviews our software, it means a great deal to us. Here is a little sample of their review:

“Let’s be perfectly frank: you can’t go wrong with this solution. It’s usable, it’s filled to the brim with features, and it’s so beautiful compared to other e-commerce platforms that you’ll wonder how you ever dealt with some of their competitors. If you are committed to the success of your online store and you don’t at the very least test drive the trial version then you are most definitely missing out. Especially since there is no real excuse as it takes only a few minutes to understand that Pinnacle Cart is a player worth watching.”

Of course you’ll want to hit the link for all the delicious details: http://www.seoshoppingcarts.com/reviews/pinnacle-cart

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