Come Sail Away, Come Sail Away, Come Sail Away with Me..

Great song, terrible thing to have happen to customers. Pinnacle Cart has developed a marketing tool to recapture customers get caught up in some other moment and abandon their shopping cart before completing their intended purchase.

In our newest version, 3.7.5 (coming soon!) we have developed a marketing tool to recapture those customers that do not complete the purchase process.

Enter Drift Marketing (cue the reggae tunes – sail away, drift, get
it?) Drift Marketing is a new term, but an easy concept. Essentially, it’s taking an action to bring a customer back to your storefront to complete their order.

Let’s consider our imaginary store, Tony Customer is shopping in your store. Tony adds a couple of your world famous spice blends to his cart. After also adding one of your hand embroidered “Kiss The Chef” aprons, Tony navigates to the checkout page. As Tony reaches for his wallet to get his credit card information, he realizes the ribs he’s got on the grill outside are in grave danger. He dashes out the door to save the ribs and his transaction (and your sale!) is long forgotten.

Or is it?

As a store owner, nothing is more frustrating than seeing orders and dollars sitting in an “abandoned” status. All of your marketing time and money flushed down the drain over something outside of your control.

Our Drift Marketing tool allows you to create campaigns to email your customers at designated time intervals after the cart is abandoned – due to burning ribs or otherwise.

Maybe you want to send an email with the entire content of their cart as a reminder they still need to complete the order. Perhaps you want to follow up 6 hours later with a discount code for 5%, 10% or 15% off their entire order. These marketing initiatives can all be accomplished through our new Drift Marketing system.

Just another innovative way we are helping our customers increase their sales using PinnacleCart.


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