7 Reasons Why Every eCommerce Site Needs a Blog

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67% more leads. That’s the advantage eCommerce sites with blogs have. To demonstrate the power of blogging and content marketing, Demand Metric compiled a lot of impressive stats like the figure above. If you’re wondering just how effective a blog could be for your eCommerce store, the numbers don’t lie: [...]

Is Your SEO Agency Failing Your Brand?

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One of the most overlooked aspects of an eCommerce business is the importance of on point optimization.  Is your SEO agency working for you? It’s easy to get caught up in aspects of the business that you think are “important” like sales, inventory, website design, customer service, and so on. [...]

13 Essential Link Building Tips for 2017

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Is your website traffic growing? Here's some link building tips that can help you increase both visits and sales to your online store. Keeping up with current link building tips is an essential to growing your business. While most business owners know how to manage their business, few understand [...]

Shipping Optimization for the New Year

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Are you looking into shipping optimization for the new year?  We've got an insider's POV from automation expert, Christine Ridgely, Partner Manager at 71lbs. Who has the time to monitor what they spend on shipping? You should be focused on fulfilling the orders! While you likely researched shipping optimization and how you can [...]

How to Fund Your eCommerce Business

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Learning how to fund your eCommerce business doesn’t have to take days of research. Read this quick guide to get started! As a growing eCommerce business owner, you face many challenges in keeping the momentum going. From inventory to technology to hiring employees, you want [...]

9 eCommerce Challenges to Overcome

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How is your online business doing? Are you caught up on some frustrating eCommerce challenges? As a budding entrepreneur, eCommerce is a great way to begin growing your own company. There are so many options, and each option comes with its own set of eCommerce [...]

PinnacleCart 3.8.4 Release Announcement

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Here's what's new in the latest version of PinnacleCart: Paypal Braintree Payment gateway PinnacleCart is proud to support PayPal's unifying gateway called Braintree Payments. Braintree is the only payment platform that allows you to accept cards and PayPal through a single integration. We are pretty excited to offer this as [...]

PinnacleCart Releases Enhanced Business Intelligence Tools

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This week, PinnacleCart announced updates that include improved business intelligence tools and features that provide greater insight into consumer behaviors and purchasing patterns. The improved business intelligence tools, as well as the rest of the updates, will provide access to significant improvements to the PinnacleCart webstore platform.  We are the eCommerce [...]

Are You Running the Best eCommerce Platform For Retail?

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Are you in the market for the best eCommerce platform for retail? Sometimes it’s hard to know which of the competing shopping cart software would be the best fit for your individual brand.  When it comes time to choose between A, B, and C, what is the best eCommerce platform? Which should [...]

Conversational Commerce – The new wave of retail engagement    

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As customers continue to reshape the way they shop, integrating their lives through smartphones and devices, it is important to understand the evolution of retail as we know it, and how conversational commerce is quickly blazing a path, redefining where we’re going. According to Pew Research, 56% of Americans have [...]