Get the Latest PinnacleCart: Predictive Search, Filtered Menu and More

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Predictive search, filtered menu, stealth products, and categories and bulk product editing are all included in our latest PinnacleCart release. Simply log-in to your store and start the upgrade process to take advantage of our latest and greatest eCommerce features! Not sure how to upgrade the latest PinnacleCart tools? This [...]

Tips on Great Web Design That Attracts Customers and Boosts Sales

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Your website design is most effective when visitors are engaged, stay longer on a page, and occasionally revisit. How does your website stand up to the competition? Isn’t it amazing how easy it is to purchase stuff without even leaving the house? From groceries to [...]

130 Free Credit Card Logos to Use on Your eCommerce Website

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Did you know that approximately 70% of online purchases are abandoned? That’s harsh. What can online business owners do complete the sale? And how do free credit card logos come into play? According to a recent Baymard Institute study, a documented 69.23% of online shopping carts are abandoned [...]

How to Write Product Descriptions That Convert into Online Sales

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Are your current product descriptions working for your online store?  They should be converting your website's shoppers into buyers and boosting your sales! Perhaps the problem lies in the name —“product descriptions.” As the bland phrase suggests, many product descriptions simply describe an online store’s products: their specifications, color schemes, [...]

New & Free: 2 Google Analytics Academy Courses For Curious Business Owners

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Still confused about Google Analytics? Try these two new e-classes offered by the Google Analytics Academy!  Not only are the courses free, but now, the Google IQ exam and qualification that goes with them are free, too. A notification just went out from the Google Analytics Academy! Their superstar team announced [...]

PinnacleCart’s First Client Spotlight Shines on

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How does a success story sprout?  In the case of, it all began with two friends drinking beer over a fire. Fast-forward 10 years and you’ve got a high demand backyard product and a thriving online brand.  YardFreak CEO, Matt Doll, took a simple conversation and turned an [...]

Chargebacks: Tips on preventing and fighting them

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One of the many things that can endanger the success of your business is the dreaded chargeback. Here we explain what they are and what you can do when one comes your way. As a business owner, have you armed your business with proper tools and procedures against a serious [...]

9 Effective Snapchat Marketing Tips for Beginners

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Using SnapChat? The millennial-focused startup is poised for the big time, is your business ready for it? Remember when the Facebook demographic was the one all business wanted to reach? Well, Facebook has gone mainstream and the hip, young kids are spending more of their time swapping selfies on SnapChat. Experienced [...]

10 eCommerce Design Trends to Embrace This Year

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Have you revamped your website yet? What design trends have you embraced? As frequently as you improve your product line and services, you also need to freshen up your website. While most designers try to stick to smooth interfaces and limited content, the rules of designing an eCommerce website require [...]