Customer Experience: What Every eCommerce Company Needs to Know

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Understanding and shaping the customer experience is absolutely critical for online businesses. With buyers taking any one of an infinite number of different paths to purchase, it’s important to consider the entire customer experience (CX) in a holistic way--to shape how customers perceive your brand and then how well their interactions [...]

Does Gated Content Hurt or Help Your Online Business?

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So which is it? Does gated content hurt or help?  Here are some questions to ask yourself and details to understand before you toss gated content into your eCommerce marketing strategy. Let’s get some of the basics out of the way… What is Gated Content? Simply put, gated content is restricted [...]

Edinburgh Silver & Scotland’s Beloved Local Craftsman – a true eCommerce success story

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Just in time for the holiday season, PinnacleCart shines its Client Spotlight on Scotland’s own Edinburgh Silver. How do you build a successful eCommerce business from the ground up?  If you follow the path of Hugh Alsop, owner of Edinburgh Silver, you would find a market that is underrepresented and [...]

Amazon Sellers, Intellectual Property & Online Retail Arbitrage

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Amazon Sellers are typically some of the most innovative entrepreneurs and are constantly finding new ways to make money and drive profit margins on the Amazon platform. One of the most lucrative business models used by Amazon Sellers is on and off-line retail arbitrage. However, even though arbitrage can be [...]

11 Ways To Quick Start Holiday Marketing

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Though the season has just started to show the briskness of fall, brick-and-mortar aisles are already filling up with Christmas cheer. Too early for holiday marketing and selling, you say? It may seem too early to the average consumer but merchants are on a different clock. If you haven’t already [...]

PinnacleCart Client Spotlight Tunes In on Odyssey ProSound

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How does a brick and mortar business draw an audience loyal enough to stay in business for 25 years?  Clever management and adding on an eCommerce store. Learn more from Odyssey ProSound! For this PinnacleCart Client Spotlight, we decided to point our compass east and talk to Paul Savasta, proud owner and [...]

Pro Tips for 2017 eCommerce Holiday Prep

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Are you bubbling over with holiday cheer, yet?   You should be! Last year's Nov and Dec holiday retail sales rang in at $658.3 billion! It’s past time to start your eCommerce holiday prep so if you’re running low on ideas for this season, read on! Many online store owners know [...]

Take Your Company Online in 5 Easy Steps

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Don’t let a “CLOSED” sign in your window cost you a sale.  Add eCommerce to your brick-and-mortar store to reach a global audience, any time of the day. Take your company online and sell 24/7! You know the old adage, The Sky's the Limit?!  That’s what I think of when [...]

Braintree Payments & PinnacleCart eCommerce – the perfect partnership

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Are you looking for a superior, all-in-one payment solution for your online store?  PinnacleCart has partnered with Braintree Payments to provide an option that will exceed your needs. Using it couldn't be easier! What is Braintree? Braintree Payments is an excellent payment gateway that’s powered by PayPal and designed to [...]

10 Basic Steps for Running an Online Business

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Go digital and sell from anywhere to anyone. Here's how to get started running an online business! There are many benefits to becoming an online entrepreneur but it's important to remember that running an online business requires attention to key details that will determine its success. Technology is a major [...]