6 Questions to ask before creating your social media mission statement

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Imagine being out with your coworkers on a team building project. The chosen task is archery and you’re new to the sport. There are basic things you’ll need, right? At the very least, you’ll need a bow, a quiver of arrows, and some instruction. Well, what if one of [...]

Do product specific landing pages really convert?

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As most eCommerce store owners know, product page conversion rates are one of the core KPIs for reviewing the effectiveness of your store. So naturally, most store owners focus heavily on improving them. After all, even slight improvement can lead to hundreds or thousands of dollars in additional sales. [...]

How to determine buyer intent from keywords

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How well do you know your target audience? They’re going to make or break your success so how well you can figure out their buyer intent may crush or skyrocket your success. Marketing isn’t always a black and white operation. It requires patience, a nuanced [...]

Tips on using social media strategy to drive eCommerce success

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How does the right social media strategy help your business? Does it really save time and money? And how critical is it to have a marketing plan dedicated to social media alone? We’ll discuss this and more below… More than ever before, shoppers would rather [...]

How is attribution important to your final sale?

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It’s Dec 2017, Pelicans vs Nets, and Rajon Rondo had only scored 2 points. Yet, in less than 30 minutes, he made it to the record books (which had been untouched for the last 21 years). He did something that not only won the game for the Pelicans but [...]

Can Facebook Messenger Be A Powerful Marketing Tool?

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Do you use Facebook Messenger for marketing? If not, you should be. The average Messenger message is opened 80% of the time while the average email is opened only about 5.9% to 18.8% of the time. Keeping up with trends is a good way to [...]

Cultivating Click-thrus: Your Guide To Writing A Winning Meta Description

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When creating online ads or optimizing for SEO to promote your products, never underestimate the role of the meta description. As brief paragraphs that appear immediately beneath the URL that you want customers to click on, meta descriptions make your listings more effective both directly and indirectly. [...]

The Power Of Push Notifications For Small Businesses [Infographic]

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It’s no secret that growing any online business is becoming increasingly difficult. To keep the company moving forward, marketers around the world are scouting for innovative and cost-effective ways to not only attract new customers but also keep the existing ones. Push notifications are gaining popularity for this reason! [...]

5 Questions Most New eCommerce Platform Users Forget to Ask

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Getting into online selling can be incredibly easy, or crazy difficult… all depending on which eCommerce software you choose to build your online store with. Here are five questions that most new eCommerce platform users forget to ask before they take the plunge! Setting up shop on the [...]

Seven Traits Every Good Boss Should Have

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Are you a good boss? It may be hard to balance your influence and effectiveness while taking how your employees view you into consideration. There are ways to be well-liked and effective, however! Last year, the market research group Gallup released a report confirming what [...]