Understanding Dropshipping – Five simple steps to get started

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“Getting started with dropshipping is easy” said no one, ever. But the good news is that it’s not nearly as tough as it used to be. Starting a dropshipping business does require a basic understanding of the concepts that drop shipping companies use like logistics and fulfillment. And to be [...]

Why Instagram is crucial for business marketing

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  Hoping to use social media to market your business?  Even if you want to market on other channels, you should start with Instagram.  Here’s why... It's no secret that Instagram can really expand the reach of your online store.  In 2018, more than 800 million active monthly users. That’s [...]

What’s new in the latest and greatest version of PinnacleCart

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Everyone here at PinnacleCart is excited to share a glimpse of our brand new features and the amazing updates that are being introduced in our July 2018 release. After several months of collecting user feedback, brainstorming ideas, and excellent team effort, we’re proud to announce [...]

Instagram marketing guide for small businesses

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Instagram has become one of the top social networking apps in the US, ranking just after Facebook, YouTube, and WhatsApp. From a business perspective, Instagram Marketing is also a powerful tool, making the social platform a great place to do business. This is why over 70% of businesses in the [...]

New GDPR Regulations are here – Is your online store compliant?

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The internet has an ever-growing impact and influence on its netizens. We research, shop, work, play, date, chat, and basically live online. We breathe in the data flow, leaving digital footprints everywhere. Now finally, we have a GDPR Regulations law that is designed to protect our personal data.  And thankfully, it’s [...]

Starting next month, Google’s Chrome browser will mark non – HTTPS sites as ‘not secure’. Is your site ready?

By |2019-07-15T16:53:37-07:00June 18th, 2018|Tech News|

Google has been telling us years that it wants a more secure web. With the release of the latest version of Chrome, it’s going to happen. Google wants a safer web. For years, they’ve been pushing webmasters to move from HTTP to HTTPS in an effort to make that happen. [...]

6 Questions to ask before creating your social media mission statement

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Imagine being out with your coworkers on a team building project.  The chosen task is archery and you’re new to the sport. There are basic things you’ll need, right? At the very least, you’ll need a bow, a quiver of arrows, and some instruction. Well, what if one of those [...]

Do product specific landing pages really convert?

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As most eCommerce store owners know, product page conversion rates are one of the core KPIs for reviewing the effectiveness of your store. So naturally, most store owners focus heavily on improving them. After all, even slight improvement can lead to hundreds or thousands of dollars in additional sales. One [...]

How to determine buyer intent from keywords

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How well do you know your target audience? They're going to make or break your success so how well you can figure out their buyer intent may crush or skyrocket your success. Marketing isn't always a black and white operation. It requires patience, a nuanced approach and most importantly, the ability [...]

Tips on using social media strategy to drive eCommerce success

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 How does the right social media strategy help your business? Does it really save time and money? And how critical is it to have a marketing plan dedicated to social media alone?  We'll discuss this and more below... More than ever before, shoppers would rather buy online than in-store.  To put a number [...]