Do you need a creative business logo but don’t have the budget for a professional designer? We’ve got a set of great online tools that will help you create a business logo that stands out!

Having an excellent and easy-to-remember business logo is an important aspect of branding. When people see a logo, they identify it with your business. Think of catchy, easily recognizable logos such as Coca-Cola, Google, Puma, Microsoft, and McDonald’s. The logo is almost interchangeable with who they are as a company and what their business is for. That’s why, having an appealing logo is one way to stand out among the crowd.

Not everyone can hire an expert logo designer. Of course, it’s advisable to get one, if budget permits, but those who just started their own business or are working on a limited budget may opt to design their own logo. If this is the route you’re taking with your online store, you can rest easy knowing there is a lot of help available. Yes, there are many online applications and tools that will help you design your own business logo for free… or at least for only a small fee.


Here are 9 easy online tools that make creating a business logo a breeze.

Logogarden offers simple templates for your logo design. It has unique symbols that you can choose from and you can adjust the text and image. You can also customize the logo with Logogarden’s uniquely-designed symbols or images. Video tutorials are available for you to watch if you need a little extra guidance or just want to learn about more tricks. But the best thing? You can download it for free!

Logaster offers a fully-functional “Logo Creation Wizard” which lets you design a logo easily and hassle-free. It’s standout feature is that they give you a step-by-step process to follow, while designing your logo. You be offered hundreds of readily-made and customized template designs to freely choose from. It features combined images, symbols and text in one image to go along your chosen company name. Then, you can change the background color, font type. After which, you simply download the logo for free.

Choose from hundreds of ready-made templates for your logo in Freelogoservices. One of the stellar features of this application is that you can also make a business card using your well-crafted logo. Like a few of the other quality logo generators, you simply follow a step-by-step design process to create your new business logo, and then carry on the the business card, if needed. Be prepared to shell out a lil dough for the convenience, though. Freelogoservices is more expensive compared to other similar applications.


Graphicsprings is an easy-to-use logo maker with dozens of categories, images, templates and designs to choose from. Whether you are in the construction, travel, legal, technology or fashion industry, you’ll find a template or design that will match your preferences. You can choose from a selection of shapes and images. Basic logos are free but if you want a customized version of your logo, you can polish and download it for a nominal fee.

Onlinelogomaker lets you design a logo of your own in a user-friendly format. You can upload your own image, or simply pick a symbol that best represents your company brand. You can choose from different font types for your company name and tagline. Let your creativity lose! There’s a tutorial for a step-by-step instructions on how to design a logo. And, after all is said and done, you can download the logo for free!

Thefreelogomakers has great design templates for you to customize and tweak, until they meet the personality of your brand. You can choose from a range of categories and which niche your business belongs to, and design from there. It also has specialized images to choose from. This logo design maker offers a lot of functions, shapes and styles that lets you have the flexibility to design a unique business logo. You can see tips and instructions on how to craft your design using their software, which is great for those who doesn’t have a background in design. Once you’re done, you can choose to download a low resolution version of your logo for free. Or, you can opt to avail of the high resolution image for only $9.99.

Logogenie is a simple logo designing tool that lets you create a logo that will fit the needs of your business. Experiment with its palette, get creative, and design the logo that best represents your brand. This logo generator allows you to download your work in many different file formats, from JPEG to PDF, and then print them at anytime from your account. They also help with business cards, letter heads and more, making them a great low cost option.

Flamingtext offers a wide array of font styles that, as the name might suggest, are not easy to find anywhere else. If you want the company name to be highlighted and stand out, this logo design application is the one for you. It also offers unique, creative designs for your company logo so you can experiment which one is the best for you. Flamingtext offers other services, such as FB cover photos and animators, so they offer packages and payment options – one-time payment or monthly.

Tailorbrands has an easy-to-use interface that makes it stand out among the other online logo design applications. You can choose the main highlight of your logo – the company name, initials or symbol. One of its outstanding features is that its software builds the logo instantly and tailored for your tastes. You can edit the lay-out, icons, fonts and color using the palette of Tailorbrands. Although, it’s more expensive to buy the logo, compared to other apps, it’s well worth the price.

These 9 online tools for creating a business logo are great for start-ups or those who are on a tight marketing and design budget. They get the job done for free, or at least at a fraction of the cost that a professional designer would charge. Any one of these would be a great place to start, for an easy, great looking business logo!

Do you have a business logo tool that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear your opinion or review in the comments below!