From coast to coast, mompreneurs are trying to find the delicate balance of running their own online store and continuing to be a rock star mom. Want to watch your bank account grow as fast as your children do? Here are some great tips that help eCommerce moms across the globe!

Anyone who’s ever ventured into the eCommerce industry will admit that running an online business is by no means a walk in the park. But try raising kids while also being an eCommerce entrepreneur, and things can become a bit more challenging. You might be thinking: “How can I successfully run an eCommerce business and still strive to be the best mother to my kids?” Take heart, you’re not alone. There are countless eCommerce Moms out there who are also thinking about the same thing.

Here are some tips on how to run an online store and join the ranks of successful eCommerce moms, all while still being a rock star parent.

1. Make it easier on yourself by choosing an easy-to-use shopping cart software for your online store.

One of the most important components of an eCommerce store is the shopping cart. Remember that the more precious time you spend on trying to wrestle with a complicated shopping cart, the less time you spend on what really matters: being the best mom you can be to your kids. If you are still in the process of launching your online store, make it a priority to choose an easy-to-use shopping cart platform. Or if you’re already running your store and are not satisfied with your current shopping cart software, it’s not too late to switch.

There are a lot of great systems available out there, but if you choose a robust shopping cart software platform, your life… umm, at least your business life, will be easier. (We all know a mom’s life is far from easy!) Quality eCommerce platforms will guarantee an easy-to-use interface for any aspiring online mompreneur, and provide features that include the ability to accept online credit card payments, easy-to-use website builders, multiple languages and currencies for your shoppers, and strong customer service support. With web store builder software like PinnacleCart eCommerce, for example, a setup wizard helps you get started quickly, provides searchable FAQs, and helpful video tutorials to get you on your way.


2. Simplify your marketing strategy.

Many eCommerce moms devote the bulk of their working day to marketing. So if you want to spend more quality time with your kids instead of coming up with ways to write and rewrite your product descriptions and web copy, why not simplify your marketing strategy? A great way to do this is to automate your social media marketing and consider an e-mail marketing campaign that’s fully automated. For your social media marketing, automation here can mean trying to schedule an entire month of Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram posts. Imagine, with a little planning, a whole month of social media can be scheduled in a single sitting! You just need to write or hire out the month’s worth of content in advance and schedule them as you’d like them to be released. This will free up more time for play dates, birthday parties and movie nights for you and for children.

E-mail marketing may require a different marketing technique but it’s still one of the best ways to influence your prospective customers and convince them to buy. An e-mail campaign can also help you keep in touch with customers and let them know things that are going on with your brand and online store. Send them useful information about your products, promotions and general company news, while subtly leading them towards purchasing with your call-to-action. Online business owners can fully automate an email campaign with the many available e-mail marketing software choices out there. After a small learning curve, it can be pretty simple!

3. Hire someone to take care of your store’s customer service needs.

You should admit to yourself from the outset that it takes more than one person to run a successful eCommerce business. You can’t do it alone, especially when you have sticky fingers to wash and runny noses to wipe. There are many details that need attention when running an online store. Hiring outside help can relieve some of the stress – especially when you’re starting to grow. You’ll come to a point where you realize that without a helping hand, an entire working day is not enough.

One of the things that you can successfully outsource is your online store’s customer service. Consider hiring a virtual assistant to take care of your eCommerce website’s customer service needs, whether pre- or post-sale. You’ll need to set aside a short amount of time to train your assistant – this is important for forming a consistent message. After the initial training, however, he or she will be able to successfully manage customer queries or complaints. This will leave you time to take care of more pressing details that need your attention like marketing, managing inventory, processing sales, or the most important of all… being a good parent to your children.

4. Use an efficient accounting software to simplify your bookkeeping and accounting needs.

One of the most time-consuming aspects of an online business is keeping records of your finances. With the available accounting software nowadays, however, you can simplify your bookkeeping and accounting tasks so you can be ‘checked-in’ at home, enjoying quality family time. Today’s best accounting software can integrate seamlessly with a quality eCommerce software and does a great job of handling all of your payments, invoices, returns, credits, etc.—virtually all of the bookkeeping and accounting needs of your online store.

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The Bottom Line

Millions of moms, all across the globe, are successfully running an online business (while still being an awesome parent to their kids). While this may require a great deal of planning, discipline, and time management, today’s technology and advanced software can support moms better than ever before. Hopefully, these tips will help you simplify the way you manage your online store so you can be a successful online mompreneur while still being a rock star mom to your kids.

Have you joined the ranks of successful or inspiring eCommerce moms? We’d love to hear your questions or words of wisdom in the comment section below!