With the ever-expanding global market, every online store owner should take a few moments, right now, to activate Google Translate in their online store!  It’s free and easy so… why not?!

An advantage of online stores is that they all have the potential to be international, as they have a worldwide reach. The Internet and the global economy have changed the way people shop and so nowadays, more and more online entrepreneurs are tapping into international markets and looking beyond their geographical borders.  This is where Google Translate comes in.

As an online store owner, assuming you’ve chosen the right eCommerce platform and marketing for your website, you are going to get a good number of visitors from other countries.  They’ll drop by, browse your site and take a look at some of your products. You’ve seen the analytics on it, so you also decide to offer worldwide shipping to make it shopping your online store easier for these customers.

All set, right? Well, not quite. Even though English seems universal, it’s not. Not everyone understands English and shoppers aren’t going to be comfortable buying from a website in a foreign language. You will need to make sure that your online store’s content can be translated into the language of your target customer, wherever they are from. All you have to do to accomplish this is activate Google Translate for your website.


How Does Google Translate Work, and How Can You Install It in Your Website?

Google offers a free Website Translator plugin that makes your website instantly available in more than ninety languages. And not only is this plugin free, installation is a breeze.

  1. First, go to the Website Translator setup page. Click on “Add to your website now” and login using your Google account.
  1. Once logged in, you will be asked to enter the URL of your website on a box that is provided and choose the original language of your website from a drop-down menu. After providing both, click “Next.”    
  1. You are then given the language options for translating your website. You can choose all the possible languages that Google offers, or you can select specific languages. You are also given the option to choose the display mode of the language translator, which is what your customers will be seeing in your website, when they pick the language that they want to translate your site’s content into. Once you’re all set, click on “Get Code.”
  1. On the next page, you can copy the code that is generated and paste it onto your website. If you copy and paste the code provided onto every page of your online store or eCommerce

website, the Google Website Translator plugin will automatically be displayed. Your customers can easily click on the language selector and choose the language they prefer.


Google TranslateThe Power of Google Translate

In 2010, Google Translate supported fifty-two languages; now the service handles more than ninety languages. Countless online business owners use Google Translate every day for their websites so that millions of customers around the world can hurdle the language barrier and purchase confidently online.

There are other translation services and plugins available out there, but Google Translate is free and able to handle more languages than any of them. Google itself admits, however, that their system is not a perfect substitute for the art of professional translation and that their system is always in need of constant improvement. But Google Translate has been good enough for people to turn to it as a quick translation source. For instance, if a customer from Korea wants to buy athletic braces from an eCommerce website based in Iowa, using the Google Translate plugin readily available in the site’s pages will make this particular customer’s buying experience easier. Afterall, rough-and-ready translations are a lot better than no translation at all. This is the power of Google Translate.   



If your online store’s content is restricted to only one language, then you are seriously missing out on a large international customer base. Most eCommerce business owners want to maximize online sales, especially by pulling in international customers.  However, hiring translators and paying thousands of dollars for translation services to convert your content from English into even just a handful of other languages is both impractical and expensive. And even if you had the money, hiring translators to translate your website into more than ninety other languages would take many years. Thankfully, Google Translate’s website plugin makes it easy for you to provide translation options to your international customers—essentially making your site’s content more accessible to these customers—for free.

Do you have Google Translate on your website? We’d love to hear how it’s helped your business.  Let us know, in the comment section below!

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