Many eMerchants don’t realize how big of an opportunity minor holidays like Halloween can be. Is Your Online Store Halloween Ready?

Come Halloween, you’ll see people of all ages taking to the streets for trick or treating, visiting haunted houses, throwing house parties, and participating in a variety of spooky celebrations. Halloween is widely accepted as a fun, sweet soaked family holiday but all internet merchants should keep in mind that even minor holidays such as Halloween will show a spike in sales and internet spending. Is your online store Halloween ready?

Halloween is often thought of as a kids holiday but it’s a lot more than just dressing up in spooky costumes. It signifies the start of a larger holiday season, a time when sales across the entire retail segment shoot up. Halloween ranks third, after Christmas and Easter, for the biggest sales so even if you don’t deal in scary products, making your online store Halloween ready and continuing the spirit of the holiday period is an excellent way to boost the sales of your online store. In fact, this ghoulish holiday could be aptly labeled as ‘a bright spot in a sluggish economy’. Such is the magic of Halloween and the spirit that this season sets off!

So, does your online store need to spook out during the Halloween season? Absolutely. If you don’t want to miss out on one of the biggest sales opportunities in a year, you should prepare your online store for this delightfully creepy crawly season trend.

Here are some important tips for making sure your online store is Halloween ready:

Online Store Halloween Ready

Give Your Website a Refreshing Look

What does your online store sell? Well, it actually doesn’t matter. No matter what eCommerce products you deal in, you can still make your online store Halloween ready by giving your website a Halloween-inspired theme or decoration. This doesn’t require a complete website redesign. All you need to do is use some imagery or add a few visual components that compliment your target audience’s mood for the Halloween season. If you run a kid-friendly website, choose funny, barely scary decorations. If your target market is filled with The Walking Dead fans, you know what to do! For DIY eMerchants, simple Halloween décor instructions can be found here. For merchants who run WP shops, ideas can be found here. If you have an in-house team of web designers, they’ll most likely know what to do to give your website a custom, polished Halloween appeal. Otherwise, you should hire an experienced freelance web designer for that higher end appeal.

Popular Halloween design elements include:

  • Pumpkins
  • Witches on Brooms
  • Skulls
  • Spiders and Webs
  • Bats
  • Jack-o-Lanterns
  • Skeletons

To make your online store Halloween-ready, experiment with different colors, imagery, sound effects, and typography that match with the festive spirit of Halloween. The refreshing, spooky look of your online store will prove to be a treat for consumers or prospects. It will attract their attention quickly and pique their interest to spend more time on your website browsing and be buying your products.

Online Store Halloween Ready

Blog about Halloween Topics

Seasonal blog posts (like this one, for example) are great traffic-boosters and a surefire way to make your online store Halloween ready. If your eCommerce website has a blog attached to it already, you can make the best of the Halloween period with a few fun, Halloween related articles or video blogs. Regardless of what you sell, you can always put the creative flow to work and come up with topics that relate to the holiday season. Make sure holiday posts, for both major and minor holidays, are included in your overall content marketing strategy.

Try blog topic ideas like:

  • Write about Halloween promotions you’re planning
  • Write about spooky events in your market (ex. doggy costume contests for pet retailers)
  • Give out Halloween safety tips
  • Share your favorite Halloween recipes
  • Talk about scary movies you like
  • The history of Halloween
  • Keep in mind this works for all cultural holidays

There are many other Halloween topics that you can blog about, regardless of the niche you operate in. By writing about Halloween, you can cash in on the trending keywords and drive lots of seasonal traffic to your online store. This is especially true if you write the seasonal article and then share it on social media networks like Twitter with #Halloween, for example.

Online Store Halloween Ready

Customize Your Email Template

Apart from following the best practices of email marketing, you need to create an email campaign that carries the fun spirit of the Halloween season. The email messages that you send should be able to quickly connect with the holiday mindset of your audience and convince them to shop your store for the season. Here are some tips on Halloween emails:

  • Spooky Themes: Give your email newsletter a new, Halloween look. Use colors like black, orange, purple, green and gold to enhance its appearance. Add relevant graphics. You can also include a link to a website that offers Halloween costumes and tips.
  • Halloween Deals: Discounted offers are something consumers always on the lookout for. Present your customers or prospects with some tempting Halloween-tastic deals. Partner with a Halloween costume shop or get your own Halloween printed T-shirts. In this way, you can come up with attractive giveaways and offers for your customers.
  • Timing: There are many different types of shoppers so when launching a Halloween theme, you should think of both early Halloween planners and the last-minute shoppers. Keep in mind that shipping dates are of the utmost importance during holidays like Halloween so ad campaigns should be launched at least two weeks before the item is needed.

Timing: There are many different types of shoppers so when launching a Halloween theme, you should think of both early Halloween planners and the last-minute shoppers. Keep in mind that shipping dates are of the utmost importance during holidays like Halloween so ad campaigns should be launched at least two weeks before the item is needed.

Organize a Photo Contest

Photo contests are fun for your fans, no matter what the reason. Halloween themed photo contests are funner than fun, however, and will bring in adorable pictures of kids, pets and wacky families in festive garb. It’s always a good idea to organize a Halloween photo contest. Set some simple guidelines and let the fun begin. For example, you could ask your audience to snap some pictures in Halloween costumes, showing off your products, and share them via popular social media platforms with a hashtag of your own. This type of colorful, festive content can also help you create a photo gallery on your website. Photo contests area a great tactic to engage and create a buzz about your brand.

Consumers spend billions of dollars on shopping every Halloween season. If you are looking to capitalize on this golden sales opportunity, work out a short-term strategy now and prepare your online store effectively. By doing so, you’ll not only increase sales but will also expand the presence of your brand for future success.

Online Store Halloween Ready

What do you do to make your online store Halloween ready? We’d love to hear other ideas on the comments below!

Note: Please keep in mind that the tips that work for getting your online store Halloween ready will work for any holiday, even small regional, international or barely recognized celebration.