Since it was launched six years ago in 2010, Pinterest has been one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world. If its CEO Ben Silbermann could have his way, however, he’d prefer it to be described as a “catalog of ideas,” first and foremost.

A growing number of online business owners have been using Pinterest to catalog more than just their ideas, though.  They’ve been using it to successfully generate more traffic and increase sales. Why? Social media marketing remains one of the hottest strategies to promote products and services, and adding Pinterest to the mix can effectively expose your business to millions of potential customers worldwide.  In fact, as of September 2015, the total number of Pinterest users had ballooned to 100 million. 

If you’re a business owner who hasn’t added Pinterest yet to your social media marketing strategy, it’s not too late to start. Not convinced yet? Want to know how Pinterest can help your business generate more traffic and pull in sales? Read on. 

  1. With Pinterest, you can showcase your most popular products to potential buyers.

To infinity and beyond – that’s how Pinterest growth seems to fly.

Buyers love best sellers. Haven’t you wondered why popular eCommerce websites and bookshops come up with their “best-seller lists”? When prospective customers learn that a product is a best seller, they want to get their hands on it right away (or at least want to check it out). It’s basic human psychology. You can take advantage of this by listing/highlighting your most popular products on Pinterest. A great idea would be creating a board with a title like, say, Top 50 Best Sellers and then pinning your best-selling products on the board, taking care to meticulously describe each product in detail and making sure that you include the price of the product to help entice potential buyers. 

  1. With Pinterest, you can take advantage of holidays or themes to promote or sell your product.

Online retailers can take advantage of Pinterest’s unique curation platform by coming up with themed boards.  These themed boards can then be used to promote a certain product or share information about upcoming sales or discounts. Perhaps the holiday season is just around the corner? Create a board encouraging customers to check out your newest product lines or anything that would make great gifts. Is summer fast approaching? Maybe your business sells travel essentials; create a board offering a limited-time discount on summer travel items. Pinterest allows you to be creative in your marketing strategy. 

  1. With Pinterest, you can build a relationship with popular pinners or “influencers” who can take your brand to the next level.

Using Pinterest to its maximum potential can be done more quickly by partnering or building a relationship with “influencers” and persuading them to cross-promote your brand on their boards. Influencers are prominent pinners who have amassed a substantial following. Look for influential pinners that would interact with your target audience through Google search.  Make sure their audience and categories align with the needs and wants of your prospective customers. You can then try to partner with these influencers or work out a deal with them. If these influential pinners agree to cut a deal with you, expect a greater deal of exposure for your business or brand once your pins get repinned to their boards.  

  1. With Pinterest, you can engage with your followers and build a steady audience.

Posting and selling your products directly on Pinterest is the hard-selling side of things, but it doesn’t mean you can’t soft-sell as well. Connect with your followers by liking and commenting on their pins, or engage with them by answering their questions. Show followers that you aim to connect with them on a more personal level, and this will speak volumes about you and your brand. Who knows, this effort might just lead to future sales. The ultimate goal is to slowly but steadily build up an audience and gain followers, even those who don’t show an interest to buy right away. Think of this as an opportunity to encourage users to check out your product, and even say something good about it, which will eventually lead to direct purchases in the future. This is the slower route but is still very effective, if you can work extra time for it into your schedule.

  1. With Pinterest, you can use group boards to get more exposure for your business. 

PinterestGroup boards are a powerful way to build content for your brand while helping you increase followers. Essentially, a properly run group board brings people together and encourages engagement.  It can also help match brands and businesses correctly while massively increasing followers, brand awareness, and pins / repins, while also driving website traffic. Think of group boards as social media marketing on autopilot through collaboration: you enlist the help of a community of like-minded members and entrepreneurs like you who will regularly contribute pins, thereby saving you time and energy while ensuring fresh content. 

The power of Pinterest to influence purchases, drive referral traffic, and provide a platform has made it an indispensable tool for any online entrepreneur.  You now have a single place where business can showcase, directly or indirectly sell, and market their products or services to people who are already engaged.  If you haven’t yet focused your marketing efforts on this beautiful social platform, then perhaps it’s high time that you signed up for a business account today.  

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