Google just announced that next month, they will be launching Google Optimize, a new and free version of their existing Optimize 360. So what’s the hype about… and how can this new version of an existing Google tool help your online store?

To figure out how Google Optimize will help eCommerce businesses, let’s first take a look at Google Optimize 360, and what it has brought to the table.  

What is Google Optimize 360 Suite?

Earlier this year, Google announced their advanced set of integrated data and marketing measurement tools, Optimize 360 Suite. To simplify it, 360 Suite is essentially an excellent grouping of analytics tools that were developed for enterprise-sized companies.  It allows businesses to test, adapt, and personalize their customer experiences, giving every website visitor the ultimate real time customer experience.  It supports large, well-developed companies and those who have complicated testing and analytics needs.  Sadly, it’s only available privately in beta, and was not well-suited for the millions of SMB owners on the web today.

Now… How is the new Google Optimize different from the 360 Suite?

Google Optimize will be a scaled down (and free… did we say free?) version of Optimize 360 suite, built more for small-to-medium online businesses.  We don’t know exactly what features will be included yet. We do know it will integrate with Google Analytics to provide landing page testing and optimization tools. Google’s Senior Director of Product Management, Analytics Solutions and Measurement, Babak Pahlavan, discussed the upcoming features of Optimize in his blog and keynote discussion today, calling it “Smart, Fast-Acting Analytics – For Everyone”.

new free Google Optimize

And how will the free Google Optimize help my online business?

  • Incredible Focus
    Google Optimize will bring focus to your existing eCommerce platform and online business, a tailored analytics like you’ve never had before.
    It will show you which site experiences work and then provide you the solutions to help you encourage better customer engagement and higher sales.

  • Integration with Google Analytics
    Google Optimize will take your existing Google Analytics information and use it to single out the problem areas of your website. You’ll quickly learn how to test what matters and use the results.  This will allow you to better your website navigation, product details, and more.

  • Bayesian Statistical Modeling
    Want to check the real-world performance of your testing?  Bayesian offers advanced statistical modeling, which provides more accurate results.  With better results you can customize promotions, page layouts, and even the tiniest details that may have otherwise been overlooked.

  • Sophisticated Targeting Tools
    Ensure the ultimate customer experience with advanced targeting tools. Real-time information will allow you cater to the high expectations of today’s shoppers.  Let’s face it, with all of the competition out there, your online store better be on cue, all of the time.  Know what your target audience needs and expects so you can deliver a customer experience that they’ll be coming back for, and telling their friends about.

If you’re interested in learning more about what Google Optimize can do for your online business, it’s best to go ahead and request an invite from Google.  Signups just opened today!