Did the summer sales have you in a slump?  Follow our tips to recover from the slowdown and ready your online store for the final days of summer sales!

When the mercury level rises, sales begin to drop. The holiday mood sweeps in, and people start heading towards the hills and beaches to get a little relief from the heat of the summer season. But is summer only for vacations?  Why do sales tend to drop for online stores as temperatures rise?  What can we do to maximize profits during these final days of summer? Well, there are many ideas that eCommerce businesses can use to beat the rapid sales slump during the dog days of summer.  Just consider the special days and important events, such as back-to-school shopping, to prepare your online stores to grab hold of a bigger market share.

A SumAll analysis reveals that online shopping habits show gross sales for online merchants in July decline 30% under the holiday and December peaks, with an average order total dropping by nearly 5% below the annual average in August.   A reduced number of visitors and lower conversion rates usually impact most of the eCommerce business owners during the summer season, except for those who use a well-planned business strategy. There’s no denying the fact that people during this season have a low buying intent. They’re also reluctant to make purchases. But the art of marketing lies in how you can strike the right chord and prove yourself relevant to potential customers that visit your online store in the warmer months.

If you’re ready to prep up your online store for the hot summer season, given below are some cool ideas that you can use to develop an effective strategy.

1) Adjust Your content strategy for the final days of summer sales.

The cheerfulness of the summer season should reflect in your content. Whether it’s a blog post or an email newsletter, you should try to tie them to various events that fall during the summer season. Summer events present an excellent opportunity to draw in more customers than you’ll usually do during the season.

Have some fun with spontaneous sales and social media posts about these popular end-of-summer holidays:

August, 2015 Daily Holidays, Special and Wacky Days:

  • Aug is, most importantly for online store owners, back-to-school month!  Market towards this important annual event and then have some fun with these secondary days.
  • final days of summer sales

    Specialize in cooking supplies? Maximize on Raspberry Pie Day then!

    Aug 1 –  National Raspberry Cream Pie Day – yum!

  • National Mustard Day is celebrated on the first Saturday but really mustard should be given the whole month.
  •  Friendship Day, Sisters Day and International Forgiveness Day are all the first Sunday in August.
  • Aug 2 – National Ice Cream Sandwich Day is the 2nd and is the first Sunday in August.
  • Aug 3 –  find some yummy Pinterest recipes for National Watermelon Day.
  • Aug 4 –  U.S. Coast Guard Day is one to honor!
  • Aug 5 –  What does Underwear Day and Work Like a Dog Day have in common? Nothing.  Except this day.
  • Aug 6 –  Have some fun with Wiggle Your Toes Day.
  • Aug 7 –  National Lighthouse Day seems like a good reason to head to the coast!
  • Aug 8 –  Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day – that is really strange!
  • Aug 9 –  Find a new or used book to enjoy on Book Lover’s Day – maybe ready up on Mr. Gerald Ford because today is also Veep Day!
  • Aug 10 –  Lazy Day and National S’mores Day are both on the 10th but, you can’t be lazy to make S’mores!
  • Aug 11 –  Presidential Joke Day, Vinly Record Day and Son and Daughter Day are all celebrated on the 11th.
  • Aug 12 – We can’t forget Middle Child’s Day on the 12th!
  • Aug 13 – Left Hander’s Day just seems backwards.
  • Aug 14 –  Avoid brain freeze on National Creamsicle Day.
  • Aug 14 or 15 –  V-J Day – the end of WWII is celebrated on these two days.  It deserves two!
  • Aug 15 –  Relaxation Day – what a great day… be sure to mark it on your calendars!
  • Aug 16 – Roller Coaster Day can be made into a laughing event since it’s also National Tell a Joke Day .
  • Aug 17 – Reduce, reuse and recycle with 2nd hand sales on National Thriftshop Day.
  • Aug 18 – Test your new stuff on Bad Poetry Day.
  • Aug 19 – Tour a museum, take a flight or learn to fly on Aviation Day.
  • Chinese Valentine’s Day/Daughter’s Day is celebrated on the 7th day of 7th Lunar Month.
  • final days of summer sales

    Solar radios are a great idea for your final days of summer sales.

    Aug 20 – Dust off that old radio and ignore Pandora on National Radio Day. Or put your a solar radio on sale!

  • Aug 21 – Senior Citizen’s Day is a great day to reach out to your senior loved ones, by phone, mail or visits!
  • Aug 22 – Be an Angel Day should be everyday! And National Tooth Fairy Day get 2 days, today and February 28.
  • Aug 23 – However you choose to celebrate Ride the Wind Day, we want to hear about it in the comments below!
  • Aug 24 – Let’s hope a new Pompeii isn’t formed on Vesuvius Day!
  • Aug 25 – Awwwe, it’s Kiss and Make Up Day.  So head to a National Park for some smoochin’ since it’s also Founders’ Day.
  • Aug 26  – Two independently awesome days are recognized today – National Dog Day and Women’s Equality Day.
  • Aug 27 – Take a moment and reach out on Global Forgiveness Day and Just Because Day.
  • Aug 28 – Read Ralph and the Motorcycle again on Race Your Mouse Day.
  • Aug 29 – Work on a lifestyle change when More Herbs, Less Salt Day rolls around.
  • Aug 30 – Enjoy an old flick while enjoying some marshmallows on Frankenstein and Toasted Marshmallow Day!
  • Aug 31 – Round off the above mentioned marshmallows for a healthy National Trail Mix Day.

Even if you don’t sell what are considered traditional summer goods, you could create a lot of content surrounding these end-of-summer days. And don’t forget you can also target many local events that are held during the summer months.

2) Create a cheerful design for summer sales.

Just like you adjust your content strategy, you should also tweak the design of your online store, social media business pages, blog and email newsletters to match the spirit of people. No matter what you are selling, you can spruce up your products in a way that appeals to people who are in the holiday mood.

You may want to get started with these –

  • Color Schemes
  • Typography
  • Icons
  • Homepage Layout

For example, if your online store has a homepage with sidebars, you could turn to a full-page layout to create a sense of peace among visitors. A minimalist-look works nice to keep the visitors’ focus on your core message.

3) Host a photo contest to drive sales in the last days of summer!

It’s always a great idea to hold a special summer photo contest. Since most of the people will be traveling to holiday destinations, you can announce a contest where people can click pictures using your eCommerce products while on summer vacation, and submit them to you for participation. Further, you can ask them to post these pictures to share on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn among others. Finally, you can award special summer discounts to the winners of the contest.

Contests like these will create a quick buzz around your business while also bringing in more customers and more sales.


The final days of summer sales can boost your profits after a slow season.

4) Use the final days of summer sales to run summer-themed ads!

Whether or not paid advertising is included in your overall marketing strategy, the end-of-summer season is a great time to use it to your benefits. By creating and running back-to-school or summer-themed advertisements, you’ll create a sense of urgency among potential customers. Such campaigns will also inspire your customers to send extra traffic to your online store. This, in turn, will lead to more sales of your eCommerce products.

If you haven’t tried these ideas to increase the holiday sales of your online store yet, get ready to use them this year to help recover from the summer sales decline that you and most of your competitors (and other online stores) suffer from.

Do you have any other marketing ideas for the final days of summer sales?  We’d love to hear your ideas in the comment section below!

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