PinnacleCart is happy to introduce VIPparcel as their newest shipping partner.

VIPparcel is an excellent online shipping service that was started with a simple purpose: to provide postage at fantastic rates without making people jump through hoops. Navigating the online shipping world can be difficult and confusing for customers who are new to online postage. VIPparcel makes it easy, quick, and efficient to ship postage online, regardless of the destination. They offer solutions for all types of clients, from those needing a single package shipped in less than ten minutes to companies with thousands of shipments to fulfill each day. VIPparcel is a complete shipping solution, providing everything from a custom-built API to various integrations for all of your business needs.


Here is a bit of history about VIPparcel:

2009 – VIPparcel was founded.

2010 – They started international shipping through USPS.

2011 – First company milestone in sales figures was hit!

2012 – The company relocated into a 20,000 Sq. foot warehouse in Southampton, PA.

2013 – VIPparcel began providing USPS postage to new accounts.

2014 – was created, allowing new accounts and convenient online postage sales!

2015 (and onward) VIPparcel plans continued expansion, technological reach, and the best discounts possible!

By teaming with PinnacleCart, VIPparcel can provide discounted shipping to all merchants who use PinnacleCart eCommerce software. We are very excited to begin these new ventures together and are looking forward to everything that is ahead. VIPparcel makes a point to reiterate that they are a customer-oriented company that is always looking to improve their service to you. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to call us or send an e-mail. It will be very much welcomed!

To find out more about this ‘simple to use, no monthly fee shipping service’, visit the VIPparcel website!

What are your thoughts on VIPparcel? We’d appreciate any comments you’d like to leave in the comments section below.