How to Make the Most of Your About Us Page

The long-term success of a website depends on two things – a user-friendly design and actionable content. However, it’s quite easy and tempting to delve too much into the design process and ignore the compelling content creation process. When talking about website content that encourages people to take action, there are a couple of fundamental pages that carry the utmost importance. One of them is the About Us page!

'About Us' Page

A whopping 79% usability – that’s what an About Us page delivers!

Based on two studies conducted by the Nielson Norman Group, we know that usability of today’s About Us page has increased 9% from 2009 to 2014, from 70% to 79%.  Still, even with an impressive 79% usability rate, the ‘About Us page happens to be one of the most commonly overlooked pages on a website!  When building or redesigning your website, you should always keep in mind the fact that it’s the About Us page which a visitor visits when they’re considering whether or not to become a paying customer. When you understand the kind of potential an About Us carries, in company branding, customer comfort, and search engine rank, you’ll always want to make the most of it. The About Us page is one of the most visited pages on an average website. It’s an effective tool which you can use to help visitors know, like and trust your company or business. It also can help let visitors what you can do for them.


Given below are five of important tips on making the most of your website’s About Us page:

1) Why ‘About Us’ Should Really Start With ‘About You’

When building an About Us page, you should really avoid the ‘me, Me, ME’ mindset.  Yes, we know it’s called About Us but in order to pull your audience in, your opening lines should revolve around your audience’s ego, not your own. Perhaps you could delve into the reason (or possible trials) your audience may have been addressing when they found your page.  Or you could use your company story to explain how your business was created around the anticipation of them. You should only move on to your company’s personality (and competency in helping them achieve their goals) after you’ve made it clear that they, your visitors, are a central consideration in your company’s drive.  In fact, you should set a goal of rewording the majority of your online business content with this attitude.  Try to speak with more ‘you / we’ and less ‘me / us’ throughout your website!

2) Tell Your Company’s Story

Stories have the power to transform a brand’s presence. According to, today’s customers not only care about what you have to offer or the quality of your products. They’re also interested in your vision and purpose, and what your business stands for.  The key to storytelling is understanding that values inspire actions through emotion, your consumers care about what your business stands for, and storytelling is a practice of leadership. Every business has a compelling story to tell, you just have to be able to pull it out and strategize it to appeal to your audience. Due to the descriptive power and emotion that they carry, stories can easily influence people and create trust in your name.

The emotional connection that an About Us page can deliver is so important to the success of your online business.  Don’t worry if you think you don’t have an interesting to present to your audience – just work to express your beginning and values in an emotional, fun delivery.  Keep your story lighthearted and motivating so it’ll speak to your audience, inspiring them to action.

An About Us page should answer questions like –

  • What were the key factors that motivated you to start your company?
  • How did you found your company?
  • What were the roadblocks and how did you deal with them?
  • Who was your first customer?
  • What is your funniest memory?

There are many more questions like these. Ask yourself such questions and try to answer them in your About Us page, remembering to try and resolve some of your answers around your audience, instead of concentrating on yourself. You don’t need to produce a year-by-year timeline of your progress, just include those elements that you think will pique your audience’s interest and strengthen the brand-consumer relationship.

3) Explain How Your Company Can Help

Another important topic you should talk about, with great feeling, is what’s in your company for the visitor. You may have a great story to tell but people still want to know how you can help them fulfill their need or solve a potential problem that they might be facing on a day-to-day basis.

A visitor wants to know –

  • How can your company help them?
  • Have you helped others like them?
  • How does your company solve their problems?
  • What makes your company the right choice for them?

It’s important to answer these questions on the About Us page of your website so that visitors can make a quick decision whether you’re a good choice for their specific needs.

4) Inspire Your Audience

One of the most effective ways to inspire a potential new client is by letting your existing customers do the talking. Sure, you can go on and on about how great your company is, how many sales it makes each month and how eager you are to help those who have a specific requirement but letting client testimonials do the raving is probably a better bet.  People are more likely to base their decisions on what others have to say about you because it gives them a realistic understanding of what your company is like. They feel inspired when someone else says how your company helped them fulfill a need or deal with a problem that is similar to their own.

Therefore, make sure that your About Us page features a couple of glowing and up-to-date testimonials from some of your existing clients or customers. Video testimonials, in this regard, are proven to make the most impact.

5) Don’t Forget to Optimize

Since your About Us page is one of the most active gateways into your sales funnel and makes a great landing page, it should be optimized for quick conversions. Whether you place an interactive photo or another type of call-to-action, it’s important to ensure the emotional action response that your About Us page elicits is put to good use.

The direction the call-to-action on your About Us page sends your traffic may depend on your specific market.  Some business owners may want people to sign-up for services or newsletters while others prefer to send potential buyers straight to sales.  Regardless of your method, make sure every element conveys a sense of professionalism and has a direct, intended purpose. Most importantly, optimize the content (titles, subheadings, alt text, and body) for the keywords that matter to your business the most. This should include the physical address of your company as it will improve your local SEO.

While you apply the all the tips and guidelines mentioned above to create an effective About Us page, you should strive to keep things simple. Say ‘No’ to clutter, blatant promotions, or things that don’t look modest. Soon, you’ll see that you’ve crafted an About Us page that sets you apart from the competition and delivers more conversions.

Are you having trouble making the perfect About Us page?  Ask questions in the comment section below!

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