Tis the season! Everywhere we go, we see the hustle-bustle and long queues at the counter – ahh, the holidays are here. Expect a dash of anticipation, a ton of excitement, and yes, a flood of shoppers on the busiest season of the year. But, as an eCommerce business owner, are you prepared? Have you set your holiday marketing ideas in motion?

If you haven’t started thinking about preparing your online store for the holidays, it’s not too late! Start now and begin brainstorming holiday marketing ideas with your team. Amp up your game in marketing and advertising to make the most of the season and get ahead of the competition.

Here are 13 holiday marketing ideas to rock your small business.

1. Create a marketing calendar

Shopping during the holiday season is different from everyday shopping. Different types of shoppers, not just your target audience, will flock to your online store and shop for a variety of products. This is the perfect time to drive high traffic to your store. So, study your target market and beyond so you can execute effective marketing. Identify the shoppers’ preferences and purchasing habits for holiday marketing ideas that will boost your sales.

2. Do an early bird promo

Host an early holiday promo and offer giveaway freebies. For example, you could hand out free treats for the first 30 customers who spend $60 or more. This is a great way to encourage people to spread the word about your business. These special early bird promos attract the eye of motivated shoppers, those who like to get their shopping done and wrapped before the first snow falls.

holiday marketing ideas

3. Provide a holiday gift guide

From clothes and toys to jewelry and bags, let your team create an inspiring yet affordable holiday gift guide. No matter what your niche is, you can find festive ways to include different ideas for ladies, men, kids, teens, friends, and families. A holiday gift guide is a great way to attract people who lack ideas on what gifts to buy. Don’t forget to include specific price points in your list. That helps in creating a straight path to checkout, less shopping cart abandonment, and fewer post holiday returns.

4. Create a holiday-themed video

Show off your brand by gathering your team and creating a holiday-themed video. In it, you can help people get to know your company a little better and show your current offerings, discounts and promos. Use a little holiday cheer and humor to include freebies and giveaways, as well. Make sure the video speaks about your business and how people can benefit from your products and services. Upload it on your website and send it out to social media platforms.

5. Launch a photo contest

Customer engagement can be more fun during the holidays! Let your customers show their creative side with a photo contest. Tell them to send in and socially share some holiday snaps that feature your product. Reward the winners with exciting prizes.

6. Give a gift card bonus

Gift card bonuses are fun so why not provide your customers with one! They are one of the many great holiday marketing ideas that will rock your small business. For example, you can reward your customer with $30 for every $120 spent, which encourages them to spend at least $120 during checkout.

7. Add a holiday touch to your logo

Deck the halls, or at least your home page, with a bit of holiday cheer. Follow Google’s creative logo examples and add in some seasonal decor to your own business logo – choose something that really shows your brand’s style. There are many websites that will help you do this or you can let your graphic designer update your logo with a holiday spin.

8. Reward your loyal customers

What better way to celebrate the holidays than to reward loyal customers?! Give your long-time and loyal shoppers something special, like a sale that is exclusive for them. This is a great way for them to know they’re remembered and valued. It’ll make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


9. Offer free shipping

Who doesn’t love free shipping? Nowadays, it’s almost become a necessity in online selling. Even if you don’t offer it normally, it’s one of the best holiday marketing ideas. If you’re worried about profits, increase order volume and sales by offering free shipping with orders over a certain amount. Calculate and set a specific price point so that when shoppers add an extra item or two in their cart, it’ll cover the cost of shipping the products to them.

10. Participate in holiday exhibit shows

Whether you own an online store or a brick and mortar store, you can reach out to new customers by renting a booth at a local holiday event and enticing customers with great deals and giveaways. While you’re at it, hold a kid’s contest to attract the eye of family shoppers. Something like a create-your-own ornament contest with small prizes for participants will really help people remember your brand.

11. Display pre-wrapped gifts

Make it easy for customers to deliver their gifts to any address, already wrapped! Be sure your homepage clearly offers gift wrapping on all orders. Display photos of pre-wrapped gift options. Your customers will love that they don’t have to use much of their time wrapping gifts before their big event. If you also own a brick and mortar shop, you can display some pre-wrapped gifts in your festive window displays to entice shoppers. Take a look at the creative Christmas window collection that FitSmallBusiness has worked up. They really have the spirit!

12. Add a personal touch

Wouldn’t it be nice if your customers could see your logo on your products and packaging? Holiday marketing ideas like package inserts, customized wrapping, and follow-up emails make a big impression and help keep your company name in the minds of your customers, long after the holidays are over. So go ahead, print your business logo on your products, put some promo inserts into your shipping boxes, and throw in a customized thank-you card to add a personal touch.

holiday marketing ideas

13. Turn your ideas into a year-round marketing strategy

Now that you already know your target market, it’s time to elevate your marketing strategy and keep your holiday marketing ideas going. Popular eCommerce platforms like PinnacleCart can help you with marketing needs like this. PinnacleCart is designed to help you reach out to your customers after the holiday season and year round. When you continue to communicate with your customers, you can improve their shopping experience, build long-time relationships, and create loyal shoppers in the long run. The next time they need to buy gifts, whether it’s for baby showers, birthdays, or next year’s holiday shopping, your store will be their ultimate shopping destination.

People spend a lot more during the holidays. As a merchant, you need to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Let the above creative holiday marketing ideas be key in increasing your profit. And… don’t forget to have fun while brainstorming and preparing with your team.

Do you have more ideas on how to promote your holiday marketing ideas and campaigns? Share your tips in the comments below!