Still confused about Google Analytics? Try these two new e-classes offered by the Google Analytics Academy!  Not only are the courses free, but now, the Google IQ exam and qualification that goes with them are free, too.

A notification just went out from the Google Analytics Academy! Their superstar team announced two new courses designed to educate those who want to maximize their Google Analytics skills.

Google Analytics for Beginners

The first course is Google Analytics for Beginners.  It is set up for website owners who need guidance in very basic analytics understandings. It covers basic concepts such as how to:

  • create a Google Analytics account
  • apply tracking codes to your website
  • decipher basic analytics reports
  • and create goals and campaign tracking

Basically, the beginner’s course will run you through four units.  The first half will go over how Google Analytics works, how to set it up using filters, navigation, understanding full and overview reports and how to share them, and how to set up your dashboard and shortcuts. The second half will take you through basic reports such as audience reports, acquisition reports, and behavior reports. All of this leads up to a basic campaign understanding that can be found in measuring business objectives while using URL builders to track campaigns.  A lesson on AdWords and an overall review will close out your Google Analytics for Beginners course.


Advanced Google Analytics

The second course is Advanced Google Analytics.  It is for the more experienced online business owner, or at least those who already have some basic digital analytics understanding. This four unit course will teach more advanced ideas, which include:

  • how Google Analytics data is collected
  • how Google Analytics data is processed and turned into readable reports
  • how to use advanced configurations
  • and important marketing skills

The four units that make up this advanced academy lesson will launch with technical explanations on how data is collected, categorized, configured, and stored.  It will teach you how to organize your analytics, setup advanced filters, use more important configurations, enable event tracking, and build your individual custom dimensions and metrics… all so you can better understand user behavior.

After that first half is complete, you’ll be walked through advanced analysis tools and techniques such as segment data.  This will include how to analyze data by channel, audience, and with custom reports. This advanced learning course is polished off with an intro to remarketing, targeting with Dynamic Remarketing, and a course summary.


Who makes up the Google Analytics Academy team, anyway?

These amazing, free Google Analytics Academy courses are instructed by Google Analytics experts Krista Seiden and Justin Cutroni.  Both of these excellent instructors have many years of eCommerce analytics experience under their belts and are ready to pass their knowledge on to you.


Have you used the Google Analytics Academy?  We’d love to hear about your experience in the comment section below!

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