Do you use Facebook Messenger for marketing? If not, you should be. The average Messenger message is opened 80% of the time while the average email is opened only about 5.9% to 18.8% of the time.

Keeping up with trends is a good way to make sure your business keeps a competitive edge. Trend-tracking is more than just finding out what’s happening in your market, though. It’s also how you use the latest eCommerce trends to boost your brand, benefit your business, and positively impact your customers. Lately, online business owners have been falling in love with Facebook Messenger for marketing. Here’s why…

As Facebook continues to improve Messenger for business, more people are jumping on board. The latest Messenger updates allow users to communicate in more creative ways. Past recent improvements introduced “Discover”, which allows customers to learn more about businesses through chatbots which also increased business marketing potential. This constant progressive improvement provides a newer era of quality services and is why Messenger marketing can be great for your online store.

Apart from these continuous improvements, Facebook Messenger has always allowed online business owners to create and maintain quality conversations with clients. And we all know, customer engagement is important for success and can be key to other aspects of your business, as well.

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Facebook even offers free courses to help with Messenger for Business

Facebook Messenger can help your business in terms of:

1. Customer Feedback

One of the best ways to guarantee that your business creates a good product or service is by getting feedback from your customers. Savvy business owners can then take that feedback and use it to improve in various areas of their company. When a business knows how to listen and can respond well to suggestions or criticism, they can improve their overall success.

The primary goal of customer feedback should be to create an amazing user experience. Listening and learning from your reviews, complaints, and compliments show that you care about customer satisfaction, winning new business and customer retention.

2. Lead Generation

Did you know that Facebook Messenger can be a great lead generation tool? A 2016 Statista marketing report compared four different types of emails and found that average email open rates ranged from 5.9% to 18.8% with a click-through of 0.4% to 2.1%. And Messenger? It blew through the roof with open rates of 80% and click-through rates of more than 30%! That’s an incredible difference and means there is great potential for this marketing medium.

Collecting detailed client information in real time can be a huge success factor for your business. Its power to engage potential leads can be used to build relationships, problem-solve, work on your brand reputation, and occasionally let your customers know more about what you offer… all which leads to quality lead generation.

Messenger can also re-engage potential customers who have previously ask about your business. It holds all past messaging in place so your customer service team can easily read back history and use it to nurture a lead to completion. This form of customer acquisition can be less expensive than more traditional routes, as it’s simply answering queries through a free messaging service.

3. Customer Service

What happens when messaging apps and commerce collide? Conversational Commerce is formed. Well, as you can imagine, Facebook Messenger has become a great option for businesses who are interested in conversational commerce (and you all should be!). Most consumers are now involved in the online world of eCommerce. Even those who don’t actually shop online may still browse online and… if they get online at all, they are subject to digital marketing efforts and the perks that go with it, like customer service.

Using Facebook Messenger for customer service is a no-brainer. As mentioned before, it’s excellent for building relationships, problem-solving, working on your brand reputation, and occasionally letting your customers know more about what you offer. A simple question or complaint can quickly be turned around for a sale if you have a skilled support team.

Delivering real-time conversation and setting up automatic replies to common queries is a big plus for any customer service. Fortunately, Messenger makes these tasks easy. Businesses can deliver basic customer service in an instant by using the simple setup features on Messenger.


Integrating this information into your business will help boost your success. Facebook Messenger Marketing is great for audience engagement, maximizing brand recognition, sharing new products, and keeping your target market updated on other company news.

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Messenger Marketing works as friendly approach and can take the place of certain types of emails. Because it has a better percentage of click-through rates, it can really boost your brand visibility. People prefer to open Messenger so… if not abused, it can be a very powerful tool. It can give your business the ability to reach a wider audience and ultimately help them purchase what they really want.

The main ingredient of converting a conversation to sales is a skilled team that provides the right responses in a timely manner. Do you have that? If not, there are great support teams standing by that can help.

The internet is recognized as a business need these days and every day seems to bring better and bigger technology. We now have the ability to connect and share with others in ways we had never imagined so… take advantage of the benefits this can play in your business efforts. Use Facebook Messenger to help build a stronger company. It will have considerable effects on all parts of your business, not just customer engagement.

So… do you use Facebook Messenger for your business? We’d love to hear your experiences in the comment section below!