Is your website traffic growing? Here’s some link building tips that can help you increase both visits and sales to your online store.

Keeping up with current link building tips is an essential to growing your business. While most business owners know how to manage their business, few understand the importance of having a quality link building program. In fact, it is essential in growing an online business.  So, how do you build quality links?

 We’ve put together the best techniques for helping you amp up you link building in 2017: 

  • Guest Post: Are you already an expert on a certain topic? There are thousands of websites that accept guest posts so why not share your expertise and reach a wider audience?! Guest posts helps build your brand and can be a great way to build authoritative inbound links.
  • Article Syndication: Expand the reach of your content by syndicating it out to other high-trafficked sites. While it can be effective, syndication does have it’s own set of problems. Costs can be cheap ($.10 a click on some sites) and depending on what your selling, it can work. Here’s a great article that’ll help get you started.
  • Newsletter Subscriptions: Yes, email is still an effective way to drive sales. When used effectively, it’s a great way to introduce new product to individuals who have visited your store previously. As a rule of thumb, send only interesting, engaging and relevant content or you’ll see a drop in both open and response rates. Some email companies tout the importance of consistency, and while that might help increase responses, always be what your sending is relevant. Don’t forget, titles. No other single factor contributes more to a successful newsletter.
  • Videos: If you’re not using videos to showcase your product, you need to start. Even very simple product demonstrations can dramatically increase conversions. Staring your business on the cheap? Buy an inexpensive tripod for your phone, plug in a mic and start creating your own. Use an app to edit it, post to YouTube and embed the video on your product page.
  • Infographic Submission: Infographics are a great way to distill complex concepts into easy to understand visual representations. Additionally, consumers love them. They used to require the services of a graphic designer to create, but that’s changed. We came across a number of services that allow you to build them online. That said, if you’re looking for something a little more professional, you’ll want to get someone experienced involved.
  • Testimonials: Testimonials and product reviews are become more important than ever. Google loves and your visitors are looking for them. Don’t shy away from bad reviews unless it’s becoming a problem. If you get a bad review, be sure to respond to the customer as you would if they were in your store.
  • Photo Sharing: Photo sharing sites now rank as authoritative sites. So when you share photos online, create an image that describes your post and put in an effective title. Choose the right keywords as they will serve as tags for the image. Then submit your photo to a relevant category. When you use photo sharing properly, it can be one of the best free link building tips for your company!
  • Niche Blog Commenting: Have a list of industry blogs you visit? Start commenting on relevant posts and engage with other uses. Remember, to “Provide not Promote”. Overly promotional comments typically don’t get read. If you’re selling something relevant, post on it. If every comment your posting has a link to your store, you’re promoting. Ge sure to create a Gravatar so you can gain recognition as an industry expert.
  • Business Directory Listing: Look for business directories that are relevant to your niche and submit for inclusion. In some case, a paid listing maybe beneficial
  • Press Release: Old school for sure, but they can work. There’s a number of free sites that will take your press release and put it on the web. At the very least you end up with a back link from a high PR site.
  • Classified Posting: Ever tried posting an ad on a magazine? Well, you can actually post company advertisements on classified ads and use them to build traffic. When posting on classified ads, be sure to include a backlink to your website so users can click directly through to your products and services.
  • Social Bookmarking Submission: Did you know that there are more than 200 social bookmarking sites (with more popping up each day)? Look out for high authority social bookmarking sites as your company can greatly benefit from them. High quality bookmarking sites let your page be indexed by search engines faster.
  • Q&A Websites: Question and answer websites boost your knowledge and skills while allowing you to assist others who are also looking for answers. If you are already an expert in your field, why not be the person to answer user queries? When readers believe that you are reliable, they will definitely return to your page to read more.

backlinksLink building has reached a new level of advancement and is now more important for SEO than ever before. So if you incorporate link building in your marketing strategy, remember that it is an ongoing task. Stay consistent and remember to key in the right quality keywords and backlinks so you can rank well on search engines. More importantly, offer real value to your readers and focus on what they need.

Do you have more link building tips to share with our readers?  We’d love to hear them in the comment section below!