One of the most overlooked aspects of an eCommerce business is the importance of on point optimization.  Is your SEO agency working for you?

It’s easy to get caught up in aspects of the business that you think are “important” like sales, inventory, website design, customer service, and so on.  Sure, those points are important but solid SEO is also an essential part of eCommerce business strategy – savvy online entrepreneurs understand this. If your current SEO agency is failing your brand, your sales will soon suffer! An effectively optimized online store will enjoy an enormous boost in traffic, which usually results in increased conversions and profit, as well as the ability to connect with a wider group of potential customers.

Finding the right SEO agency is never simple. However, you are more familiar with your brand than anyone else so it’s up to you to determine whether a potential SEO company is right for your company.  Here are a few questions to ask yourself when looking for SEO experts or if your current SEO agency is failing your brand. 

  1. Is the SEO Agency Tech-Savvy?

As an online store owner, you know that eCommerce businesses require tech-savvy professionals, from the developers to the designers to the writers. This also holds true for SEO experts. No, eCommerce websites are not like simple blogs or a templated two- or three-page web presence. Any successful eCommerce site is sure to have dozens, if not hundreds, of product or category pages. And every one of these pages need to be optimized individually. The large scope of an eCommerce website will pose a significant challenge for any SEO agency. Make sure that the agency you are looking at is capable and tech-savvy enough to handle a large-scale website and be able to implement the right changes to help your online store rank well in search engines.

  1. Is the SEO Agency an Expert in Multiple Platforms?

SEO AgencyThere are a hodgepodge of eCommerce platforms out there, and each require its own SEO strategies. Is the agency you’re looking at an SEO expert in various platforms? Before you sign a contract with them, make sure that they can effectively optimize your site with the platform you are using. One way to ensure this is by making sure that the agency has an understanding of your online store’s platform. Ask for a portfolio or a list of sites that they’ve optimized before you decide. If they don’t have these examples, you may want to check your platform’s SEO features and ask them for recommendations.
Finding an SEO firm that is familiar with your eCommerce software is particularly important because you need to know if they can understand both the capabilities and limitations of your platform. This will ensure that your website performs at its optimum while also ranking well in search engines.

  1. Is the SEO Agency Experienced in Dealing with Content?

Search engine optimization has evolved in the past few years in that it has become more and more focused on content. This means that if you are an online store owner, you should make sure that you have compelling and engaging content on your site. Engagement is quickly becoming key. How many clicks throughs are your articles getting? Comments? Likes? A competent SEO agency should have expertise in crafting an SEO strategy revolving around your website’s content. Ask the potential agency about their inputs on how you can improve your content – not just in product descriptions but also in your blog posts, product descriptions, and even the scripts you are using in your product videos.

  1. Is the SEO Agency Particular about Measuring Metrics?

A good thing about eCommerce sites is that it’s easy to measure success using metrics. Because you are selling directly through your website, it’s easy to track the activity of your visitors and their actual impact on your revenue. Before hiring an eCommerce SEO expert to work for you, make sure you know how they plan to measure the success of their strategies on your website. Request comprehensive reports every few months to measure the ranking of your website in relation to the agency’s SEO initiatives. The only way you can gauge the success of an SEO campaign is by seeing the numbers that back up the initiatives. Key performance indicators never lie.

  1. Is the SEO Agency Stressing the Importance of Mobile Commerce and AMP?

Nowadays, shoppers are buying more frequently on mobile phones and tablets. As screen sizes get bigger and phones become more capable, mCommerce is simply becoming more convenient. From a mobile device, consumers can buy anywhere, anytime.

The Accelerated Mobile Pages project (AMP) is a Google project, an open source initiative meant to build a superior, user-friendly mobile Web.  AMP will do this by introducing a better “standard” for mobile devices, a lighter version of HTML for building web content. This will give any pages that are built in compliance with AMP super fast loading times. And as we know, page loading times are incredibly important for SEO.  John Shehata of Condé Nast’s states that AMP pages tend to perform better in search both in terms of rankings and CTRs:

eCommerce SEO agency
eCommerce SEO agencies


Online stores and eCommerce websites need to strategize around AMP and other mobile expectations. An expert eCommerce SEO agency can tell you what strategies they have in place for optimizing your website and mobile pages. Your chosen agency should know the nuances of working with mobile sites.

In the end, choosing an SEO agency will be up to your best judgment. Use these tips to make sure you feel that the agency you are negotiating with will be the best for your business. Remember: choosing the right agency can make or break your online store’s performance in search engines so… choose wisely.

Any thoughts or questions about SEO?  We’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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