Wouldn’t you love to offer your online audience a payment platform that is completely secure?  One that ensures their card data is never on the Internet so there is literally nothing for hackers to steal? If this seems ideal, CT Checkout has launched the perfect payment solution.

If the first eCommerce sale took place in way back in 1994, why does it sometimes seem like buying online is still unnecessarily complicated and risky? The team at CT Checkout took these problems very seriously and has come up with the perfect payment solution.

When a shopper decides to buy something online, they must usually go through the hassle of finding their credit card, putting in their card information, and risking their card security to the ever-evolving sea online hackers. There’s been no real solution that took care of these many inconveniences… until now.

How does CT Checkout work?

online payment using smartphones

CT Checkout is a mobile application that allows users to use their smartphones for ultra secure, encrypted online payments. Because the phone is working as a personal consumer terminal, it is able to make card-present eCommerce transactions to online merchants.

Most consumers understand there is increased risk with using a credit or debit card online. These worries are eliminated with CT Checkout, however, because of its ability to turn an iPhone or Android phone into a personal payment terminal. By employing encrypted card technology, CT Checkout makes it possible for anyone to pay online without having to have their card present. Despite this added convenience, they can still enjoy the same safety as if they had their card with them in a brick-and-mortar store.

To reach this level of security, the customer will need to scan each of their bank cards with an ID Tech Shuttle card reader. This will provide a one time encryption of their credit or debit card’s sensitive information. This process quickly loads all of the purchaser’s cards into their account, encrypts the cards so their data is never put online, and opens the door to a streamlined payment process at any CT Checkout web merchant.

Online shoppers get started by simply downloading the CT Checkout mobile app, registering for their account, and syncing their cards with the ID Tech Shuttle card reader. After these three easy steps are complete, their future online transactions made through CT Checkout will be completely secure.

A New Partnership

CT Checkout partnered with PinnacleCart

To the benefit of eMerchants and online shoppers everywhere, CT Checkout has recently partnered up with PinnacleCart eCommerce solution to create a powerful option for eCommerce business owners. This joint effort will make the checkout process of online businesses powered by PinnacleCart much easier.

Online store owners enjoy many benefits when partnering with this revolutionary payment system. These include but aren’t limited to:

1. Securing your consumer’s financial information with end-to-end encryption!
2. Allowing shoppers to pay for their online transaction even when their card is not present.
3. Offering a payment that has zero risk of identity theft.
4. Saving on transaction fees.

a. Encrypted debit cards as low as 1%.
b. Encrypted credit card as low as 1.5%.
c. This includes high-risk merchants.

5. Lowering the number of chargeback disputes.
6. Eliminating friendly fraud issues.
7. Enjoying less complicated PCI compliance.
8. And benefiting from revenue sharing.

Are there incentives to help me get started with CT Checkout?

CT Checkout incentives

As a PinnacleCart primary merchant, you will receive a few free Shuttle card readers that you can then distribute to your customers. As you continue to activate more phones, your customer’s purchase activity increases and your system grows. This shopping activity generates a revenue share from the phones you’ve activated. As part of the PinnacleCart incentive, CT Checkout is now offering to share $100 of its revenues with you from the shopping activity generated from CT Checkout transactions made by each phone you activate.

The convenience incentives are powerful, as well. You’ll have nearly zero loss from friendly fraud disputes. If a dispute occurs, the disputer would have to explain to their credit or debit card company how illegal access was gained to their personal computer, and how the offender knew how to login to their CT Checkout app. It’s highly unlikely.

And the best benefit… PinnacleCart merchants who add CT Checkout to their shopping cart options receive the first 90 days with NO processing fees!

After you received your Shuttle, you can activate your card and as many friend, family, and customer phones as you want! Our incentive program will pay you for every new member who activates a smartphone so it’s in your best interest to build your CT Checkout following. Offering incentives to the customers who pay by CT Checkout is a great way to get started.

What sets CT Checkout apart from competitors?

CT Checkout secure online payment solutions

CT Checkout is a new software that, at this time, has no competitors. The company is trailblazing a new form of ultra secure payment for eCommerce transactions. Though some systems may seem to offer the same type of platform, it’s important to realize that CT Checkout was built by eCommerce experts for web merchants and online shoppers. CT Checkout specializes in eCommerce only and doesn’t cover face-to-face, in store transactions. It is currently the only company that offers online encrypted card payments to web merchants. This essentially means that online store owners can offer their consumers an unprecedented level of security, where no actual card data is ever on the Internet so there is nothing for hackers to find or sale to identity thieves.

With CT Checkout, online shoppers can pay online without ever entering any bank card data, thus putting the fear of identity theft behind them.

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