Starting next month, Google’s Chrome browser will mark non – HTTPS sites as ‘not secure’. Is your site ready?

By |2019-09-19T16:42:47-07:00June 18th, 2018|Tech News|

Google has been telling us years that it wants a more secure web. With the release of the latest version of Chrome, it’s going to happen. Google wants a safer web. For years, they’ve been pushing webmasters to move from HTTP to HTTPS in an [...]

A Pokémon Champion Gives Insight Into The New Pokémon GO For Business

By |2019-10-03T20:09:55-07:00July 15th, 2016|Tech News|

With the sudden explosion of Pokémon GO, business owners everywhere are scrambling to learn how to use this popular mobile game to benefit their stores. For businesses to truly understand how they can use Pokémon GO to grow their business, we need to better understand [...]

Is LiFi Really 100x Faster Than WiFi (and Twice as Awesome)?

By |2019-09-04T23:07:36-07:00January 5th, 2016|Tech News|

What’s 100x faster than Wifi and twice as awesome? The real world testing and application of LiFi, that’s what. Just imagine… downloading more than a dozen movies in a single second. The LiFi buzz hit the circuit at the end of last year and while [...]