New GDPR Regulations are here – Is your online store compliant?

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The internet has an ever-growing impact and influence on its netizens. We research, shop, work, play, date, chat, and basically live online. We breathe in the data flow, leaving digital footprints everywhere. Now finally, we have a GDPR Regulations law that is designed to protect our personal data. And [...]

Cultivating Click-thrus: Your Guide To Writing A Winning Meta Description

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When creating online ads or optimizing for SEO to promote your products, never underestimate the role of the meta description. As brief paragraphs that appear immediately beneath the URL that you want customers to click on, meta descriptions make your listings more effective both directly and indirectly. [...]

Seven Traits Every Good Boss Should Have

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Are you a good boss? It may be hard to balance your influence and effectiveness while taking how your employees view you into consideration. There are ways to be well-liked and effective, however! Last year, the market research group Gallup released a report confirming what [...]

Online Store Owners + Intuit QuickBooks = The Perfect Pairing

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Do you struggle with running your online business and trying to keep up with the accounting? There are great tools to help online store owners balance the needs of their eCommerce stores. Intuit QuickBooks is one of our favorites! In 1994, American software company Intuit [...]

Does Gated Content Hurt or Help Your Online Business?

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So which is it? Does gated content hurt or help? Here are some questions to ask yourself and details to understand before you toss gated content into your eCommerce marketing strategy. Let’s get some of the basics out of the way… What is Gated [...]

Pro Tips for 2017 eCommerce Holiday Prep

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Are you bubbling over with holiday cheer, yet? You should be! Last year’s Nov and Dec holiday retail sales rang in at $658.3 billion! It’s past time to start your eCommerce holiday prep so if you’re running low on ideas for this season, read on! Many online store [...]

10 Basic Steps for Running an Online Business

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Go digital and sell from anywhere to anyone. Here’s how to get started running an online business! There are many benefits to becoming an online entrepreneur but it’s important to remember that running an online business requires attention to key details that will determine its [...]

How to Take Amazing Product Pictures (on a Budget)

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Looking for some ideas on how to take amazing product pictures on a limited budget? Our clever tips will help you get the quality you need for a fraction of the cost! Human beings are predominantly visual creatures. We actually remember approximately 80 percent of [...]

Shipping Optimization for the New Year

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Are you looking into shipping optimization for the new year? We’ve got an insider’s POV from automation expert, Christine Ridgely, Partner Manager at 71lbs. Who has the time to monitor what they spend on shipping? You should be focused on fulfilling the orders! While you likely [...]

9 eCommerce Challenges to Overcome

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How is your online business doing? Are you caught up on some frustrating eCommerce challenges? As a budding entrepreneur, eCommerce is a great way to begin growing your own company. There are so many options, and each option comes with its own set of eCommerce [...]