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Pinnacle Cart 3.7.5 – Quick Start Guide

By |2019-11-07T19:12:20-07:00August 3rd, 2010|Company News|

THIS IS REGARDING AN OLDER VERSION OF OUR CART. Please click the logo to learn more about the latest. We are just wrapping up packaging our latest release v3.7.5 and plan on putting new clients on to the platform later this week. We will be able to update existing clients [...]

Pinnacle Cart 3.7.5 Preview – Drift Marketing

By |2019-11-07T19:18:12-07:00July 31st, 2010|Company News|

Come Sail Away, Come Sail Away, Come Sail Away with Me.. Great song, terrible thing to have happen to customers. Pinnacle Cart has developed a marketing tool to recapture customers get caught up in some other moment and abandon their shopping cart before completing their intended purchase. In our newest [...]

Wait a second….I’ve seen you somewhere before!

By |2019-11-10T19:05:43-07:00May 26th, 2010|Company News|

Marketing - especially internet marketing - is full of buzz words. Perhaps you’ve come across the most recent addition to marketing lexicon – “remarketing.” The simple definition of remarketing is displaying an ad to a customer who has already visited your site or taken a specific action within a [...]

Pinnacle Cart 3.7 has been certified “most search-engine-friendly cart” by International SEO firm CyberMark International

By |2019-11-07T19:01:40-07:00April 14th, 2010|Company News|

We have worked extensively with one of the world most respected search engine optimization firms, Cybermark International, to ensure PinnacleCart is properly designed for the most optimized ranking on all popular search sites including Google, Bing, Yahoo,, MSN, AOL, and more. With features like; SEO friendly URL’s, [...]

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