In today’s competitive market, it’s more important than ever for online business owners to utilize quick and easy tips that will boost the overall success of their online stores.  Because of the millions of active users on Twitter, this powerful social network becomes an obvious choice.  Online sellers should take a bit of time to learn how to attract legit Twitter followers and maximize its usage to benefit their eCommerce business.

Here are 10 practical tips on how to attract legit Twitter followers and gain more traffic to your site:

  1. Get Active on Twitter

Though this first tip may seem obvious, you’d be surprised how many people forget to make simple social media a daily habit.  To attract the right type of followers, you must post at least once or, better yet, multiple times daily on Twitter.  

Don’t know what to Tweet about?  Post about your online store, share blog posts, talk about new products, and promote sales, promotions, events and special discounts.  Be sure to include a link back to your site with all of these posts. Always promote your own online store, products, and blog posts but also, remember to form ‘lists’ or networks of other companies you respect so you can love, comment, and reTweet their posts, too.

Need other ideas?  You can also post useful, helpful articles, infographics, webinars, videos and photos from websites or sources that interest your target followers and buyers.

  1. Use Online Tools to Attract Legit Twitter Followers

You can use sites like Feedly to search for trending topics or blog posts in your niche. To find something worth Tweeting about, you can use StumbleUpon which crawls the web for the best pages, resources, photos and videos based on your chosen interests.

  1. Have a Solid Social Media Marketing Strategy

Create a solid marketing plan for your online store. In addition to Twitter, you can use a variety of free social media channels, which could include FaceBook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more.  Be consistent in your messaging, though.  Though the audience may vary according to which social media network avenue you’re working with, you must be clear on what your brand’s vision, mission, and goals are.

  1. Attract legit Twitter followers with an interesting profile

One of the keys to having a large number of followers on Twitter is to have an interesting profile, one that people would like to follow and Tweet about. Make sure that your profile picture reflects the brand that you want the company to be known for and that you have other interesting photos and videos that are easy to see and access. And of course, don’t forget to display the shortened link of your website the page header of Twitter so that it is visible to the public.

When crafting your interesting social profile, make sure to write a company bio that is short and snappy. The description should explain what you stand for and why your products are the best in an engaging, refreshing way.  This is a big part of compelling followers to want to visit your online store.

  1. Know your target audience

Truly understanding your target audience will save you tons of time and marketing funds.  If you can define your niche or your target market in categories such as age status, work, demographics, likes and dislikes, hobbies, socioeconomic levels, where they spend their time online, and more, you’ll cut out a lot of unnecessary spending. Make a profile that is appealing to your target market and get to know them. By having this information, you can share links, products, photos, and Tweets that is engaging, stimulating and interesting for your target market who is your prospective followers and buyers to your site.

  1. Follow Icons and Industry leaders in your Niche

Research about the known leaders and popular icons in your field of industry and follow them on Twitter. Study their marketing strategies which you can put to use in your business. You can also re-Tweet their posts and status in Twitter, as mentioned above.  If you have created an aggressive social media strategy, you may even try to engage these leaders and form a partnership of sharing with them (the next tip).

Users are more likely to follow you when they see that you have something in common. Following and engaging with their favorite social icons will show them that you have similar interests and that you care the same things.  If they see that you also like a particular popular brand or business icon, they will be more likely follow you or re-Tweet your posts.

attract legit Twitter followers

  1. Network with Influencers and Business Icons to attract legit Twitter followers

Popular artists, musicians, and models usually have millions of followers on Twitter. That’s also the same case with known politicians, leaders, and businessmen. Back in the days before the Internet, it was more difficult and took serious connections and hard work to get to know, talk to or reach out to these popular icons and leaders.

Now, with the Internet and social media, it is relatively easy to reach out to these industry leaders and stars that you look up to. You can simply send them a message using Facebook, Gmail or Twitter. By following them on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social sites, you’ll get to know what they had for lunch, where they shop for clothes, and where they hang-out. This close Internet and social media relationship also present opportunities to network with them.

What’s good about networking with those key leaders in your industry is that once they Tweet about your business or share your site, you will also gain Twitter followers and hundreds, or thousands, of visitors to your online store or website.

  1. Automate your Twitter Feed

Make your life easier by automating your social media efforts.  In order to post multiple Tweets 24/7, you can use an automation tool such as Hootsuite to schedule multiple Tweets in Twitter a week or month in advance. Hootsuite also lets you schedule posts on Facebook and Instagram. Plus, it can be integrated into Google Chrome browser so you can easily share links to websites, blog posts or images you happen to find on the Web without logging in to the platform. This is great for online sellers so you can save on time and effort, and focus on bigger tasks that needs attention too.

  1. Make sure your Online Store is appealing, eye-catchy, and interesting

Before you get to the social sharing and networking part of business goals, you should make sure your online store should be appealing, user-friendly, professional, and stands out among the crowd. With various eCommerce platforms in the market, you can easily build an online store that you’ll love. Obsessively engineered PinnacleCart is an ecommerce platform that lets you build a store instantly, and has built-in apps for social media efforts, as well as payments, secure checkout, inventory management, and shipping.  Software like this seriously makes your business life easier!

To effectively promote the Twitter page in your online store, display social sharing buttons on your website homepage, sidebar of your blog, email messages, and profile pages.  This allows visitors and buyers to Tweet or share about your business with minimal effort. You can shorten and include the link of your source with your Tweets… just always remember to make them interesting and fun!

  1. Use hashtags

“#Hashtags” are a social media phenomenon that online sellers can use to attract legit Twitter followers and promote their store… and have fun. You can put hashtags in your Tweets, product images, links, and photos, which makes your post searchable in Twitter. For online sellers, make sure you have a unique hashtag that is easily identifiable with your brand. So, when a buyer search using your hashtag, they can easily find your Twitter account.

Don’t forget that social media is fun so, in addition to the #ecommerce or #marketing hashtags you may throw out, be sure to use the #gottahaveit #foodporn or #love hashtags, too!

Remember, though all of these 10 tips to attract legit Twitter followers are important, the #1 key to getting hundreds, or millions, of followers in any social media is consistency. So keep on Tweeting!